Xpose Safety Men’s Large Brown Work Gloves 12-Pack



The Xpose Safety Men’s Large Brown Work Gloves 12-Pack ‍is ​designed ⁣for durable protection during work. With a ⁤large size to fit most hands, these gloves‍ are made of brown leather material with​ a⁢ reinforced palm for added grip and durability. Perfect for various ⁤manual labor tasks.

Key Features:

– Men’s Large size
– Heavy ⁢duty 14oz 100% cotton with red fleece lining
– Pack of 12 gloves
– Slip-on cuffs for easy on and off
– Provides extreme warmth for cold weather
– Ideal for construction, gardening, farming, shipping, janitorial work,⁤ and utility workers


– Material: 100%⁣ Cotton
– Size: Large
– Quantity: 12 Pairs per pack


– Provides maximum protection against⁢ dirt, grime, cuts, and accidents
– Premium material for⁢ comfort, warmth, and ​dexterity
– Multipurpose gloves suitable for various jobs at home or‍ work
– ‍Bulk supply of 12 pairs, perfect for businesses and warehouses or long-lasting supply at home


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