YAMAMOTO 7″ Senko Soft Plastic Worm Lures – 5 Pack



The “YAMAMOTO 7” Senko Soft Plastic⁤ Worm Lures – 5⁣ Pack features a versatile design with a lifelike appearance and action, making them irresistible to fish. These lures ‌are made‍ of soft ​plastic, ⁤measure 7 inches in⁢ length, ⁣and come in a pack of 5.



Great Fishing Bait The 7″ Senko is longer, bigger in diameter, and heavier than the 5″ & 6″ versions; Casts well and is effective on deep or offshore fish with a Standup head, Texas or Carolina Rig.
Unmatched Quality The​ Senko is a staple in the fishing world with unmatched quality; Versatile and can be fished in‍ multiple ways to catch more fish
Prefect Fishing Lure The ORIGINAL soft ‌stick bait sets the bar for all others; The Senko’s formula​ is a secret sauce that makes it the ultimate fish‍ catcher; ‌Easy to use and highly effective ‍
Best Choice For Anglers The Senko‍ is the best choice for anglers; There’s almost no‌ wrong way ‌to‌ rig it, making it a versatile and ultimate fish catcher ‍
Senko Series There’s a Senko for every fishing application; Whether you fish it weightless, wacky-style, ​on Texas or Carolina rig, on‌ shaky head or flipping jig, the Senko will revolutionize your‍ game and increase your catches



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