Yellow Daylily Root Pack – Attracts Butterflies – Container Friendly



The Yellow Daylily Root Pack is a container-friendly plant⁢ that attracts butterflies. Each pack contains ‌daylily roots ready for planting.‍ The plant grows‍ best in ​full sun or ‌partial shade⁣ and ​requires well-drained soil. ⁢Perfect for adding color and attracting wildlife to your garden.

Key Features:

1. Premium Hybrid ⁢Lilies Bulbs
2. Compact perennial daylily with creamy textured yellow blooms
3. Neat and tidy perennial suitable for garden beds, borders, containers, and mass planting
4. Grows 12-15″ tall with ​a similar spread
5. Best planted in full‌ sun to partial shade, in moist but well-draining soil
6. Suitable for ‍Zones 4-10


– Package contains 3 bulbs
– Bulb size: No. 1
– Blooms consistently from mid-summer to early autumn


– Ideal for adding color and ​beauty to ‍garden ⁣beds,⁣ borders, containers, and more
-‌ Easy to care for and suitable for ⁤small spaces
– ⁢Makes a great gift for gardening enthusiasts
– Plant ⁢in ⁤appropriate conditions for best‌ results


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