Yellow Medium Thorn/Cut Proof Leather Garden Work Gloves



The‍ Yellow Medium Thorn/Cut​ Proof Leather​ Garden Work Gloves⁤ are durable and resistant gloves designed‌ for gardening work. Made of high-quality leather,‍ these​ gloves provide protection against thorns and cuts​ while offering comfort and flexibility. Features include a ⁤yellow ⁤color, medium ⁣size, and a secure fit for added safety.

Key Features:

-‍ Elbow-length gauntlet for full arm protection
– Made of‍ premium ⁢thick cowhide leather
– High abrasion and puncture resistance
– Suitable ⁢for handling barbed plants
– Gunn cut and Keystone thumb⁣ design for comfort and flexibility


– ⁤Material: Grain Cowhide
-⁤ Abrasion Resistance: High
– Puncture Resistance: Best


– Ideal for gardening, handling thorny ⁣plants, roses, blackberries, and cactus
– Provides protection from cuts and scratches
– Suitable for⁢ both⁣ professional and amateur gardeners


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