ZeroTol HC Algaecide, Bactericide, Fungicide, Kills Mold, 1 Gallon

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The ZeroTol HC is a multi-purpose solution that functions as an ⁣algaecide, bactericide, fungicide, and mold killer in a 1-gallon‌ container. It effectively⁤ eliminates a ​wide range of pathogens and ​helps prevent the growth of algae, bacteria, fungi, and mold on ‍various surfaces.

Key Features and Specifications:

– ZeroTol HC ​is ⁢a broad-spectrum algaecide, bactericide, and fungicide
– Made with‍ a combination of peroxyacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide
– ‌OMRI-Listed for organic use
– Can be used on greenhouse surfaces, ornamentals, foliar treatments, ‍hydroponics, aquaponics, turf, and landscape
– Kills plant pathogens on contact and prevents disease development
– ‌No harsh chemicals or toxic residue
– Improves overall plant health by promoting stronger roots and stems


-‌ Control ​algal, fungal, and bacterial growth on hard surfaces
– ⁣Prevent, treat, and control‌ plant diseases on various ⁣plants
– Treat hydroponic⁣ and aquaponic growing systems to control waterborne pathogens
– Prevent the development and spread of disease and algae on turf and landscape plants
– Can be used ‍by home, hobby, and small ⁢hydroponic growers for plant disease‌ control

Note: Not registered for use in California.


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