Professional dog bathing equipment is an essential tool for any grooming professional, as it can help you wash your dogs without getting them wet or damaging their fur. This is especially important for breeds that have long hair, as it can be difficult to properly clean their fur without causing damage.

There are many different types of professional dog bathing equipment available on the market today. One of the most common types is a shampooing machine, which uses pressurized water to clean and rinse your dog. Another type of professional dog bathing equipment is a blow dryer, which helps keep your dog’s coat shiny after being bathed.

Professional Dog Bathing Equipment

When it comes to professional dog bathing equipment, there are many options available to you. These include Flying Pig Grooming, Edemco, PawBest, and Pet Any Way. Each one is designed to ensure the safety of your pet while bathing. Listed below are the features of each product.

Pet Any Way

If you want to start a professional dog grooming business, getting the right equipment can be important. Pet bathtubs need to be sturdy and durable. This model features a durable steel construction and a rust-resistant stainless steel bottom panel. It also comes with a shampoo and tub rack, a 3.25-inch drain hole, and four U-shaped restraint bolts. It is also easy to assemble and comes with an insert. The Pet Any Way is similar to an electric dog grooming table and is designed to make your dog grooming business look professional.

Its electric lift is an essential feature of this dog bath. This feature works well for large and small breeds. It also helps in keeping your dog calm. However, some dogs may be scared of the lift, so it is important to use treats and toys to encourage them to go up on it.

Flying Pig Grooming

Flying Pig Grooming is a dog grooming service that offers a variety of services, including bathing. The Flying Pig Grooming Dog Wash Station allows bathing your dog to be less stressful, as there’s no need to bring the dog to a bathtub or shower room. It’s even lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to transport. It comes with everything you need to give your dog a bath, including a sprayer, shampoo rack, hair trap, and plumbing drain hose.

Flying Pig also makes a range of grooming tables for your home or professional use. Their tables are designed to make grooming sessions easier and come in a variety of colors. When shopping for a grooming table, remember to prioritize safety for both you and your dog. If you have several dogs, it’s a good idea to choose a heavy-duty model so the table can support all of the weight.

Flying Pig Grooming Stainless Steel Dog Tubs are made of durable stainless steel and come in several sizes. The large tubs are 38″ and 62″ in length, and the electric lift versions are 50 inches wide. They are a great option for any professional grooming shop.

The Flying Pig grooming bath is made of 304 stainless steel and can support up to 190 pounds of weight. It has adjustable legs for optimal height and comes with a green textured floor mat. It also comes with a top-of-the-line sprayer, faucet, and cold-hot water hose. There’s even a handy rack to hold all of the grooming products you might need. One thing to note, however, is that you won’t receive a pre-assembled Flying Pig for dog grooming.


Edemco offers a variety of professional dog bathing equipment that will meet your needs. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles. This professional tub comes with a drain and hot and cold water ports. It is crafted from durable, 16-gauge steel to resist rust and corrosion. It also includes a walk-through ramp and a water-tight door for easier access.

This high-quality dog bathtub has a stainless steel door and a movable ramp that guides your dog into the tub. The door is watertight and features a stainless steel lining. The tub also comes with a drain and a hair basket. A flexible rubber drain hose is included for temporary use. Plumbing work is required to properly drain the tub.

Edemco’s F650 Standard Powder Coated Steel Dog Bath Tub is one of the company’s best-selling bathtubs. It is durable and easy to clean. The Edemco F650 also has two animal restrainers and removable legs for storage in a cabinet.


The PawBest professional dog bathing equipment has a wide selection of features that make it perfect for professional grooming. It has a removable plastic ramp to aid in getting the dog in and out of the bathtub, an overhead grooming arm, a shampoo rack, floor grates, and a faucet. It’s also a good investment for those who regularly bathe their dogs because it is a sturdy unit with water-tight seals.

The stainless steel dog grooming bathtub from PawBest comes with a 48-inch one-piece tub and a sturdy base frame. Like the Flying Pig tub, it features a sliding door and a water-tight bathtub door. It’s a durable bathing tub that can also double as a pet pool. The tub’s anti-skid surface makes bathing your pet comfortable and prevents your floor from getting dirty.

The dog bathtub has a stainless steel overhead arm and a faucet with two flexible hoses. It also comes with a drain kit, a hair trap, and a stainless-steel shampoo rack. The tub is easy to clean, and its door is easy to open and close. It also features special water-tight seals to keep water inside the tub when not in use.

The PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Bathtub is one of the best-value bathing tubs on the market. Its 16-gauge stainless-steel construction is durable and resistant to rust. A welded steel construction also prevents leakage at the seams. The bathtub’s design also allows you to create a customized grooming environment, with adjustable loops and a removable overhead arm.

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