Professional Soil Ph Tester We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. 1.when Determining the Ph Value of Acid and Alkali, Insert the Metal Probe of the Instrument into the Soil of the Wet Test Point in a Clockwise Direction, 8-10 Cm Vertically, and Press the Soil Around the Probe Evenly So That the Soil and the Probe Are in Full Contact and Wait Until the Value is Stable
2. Press the Button on the Pen to the Moist. Values 1-3 Indicate That Watering is Required, 4-7 Indicates That the Humidity is Moderate, 8-10 Indicates That It is Too Wet, and the Watering Time Can Be Adjusted According to the Variety of the Plant
3.move the Button to Light, the Measurement Range is 0-2000. the Larger the Value, the Stronger the Light Intensity, According to the Needs of the Plant to Adjust the Shade
4. Press the Key to the Ph, the Corresponding Table is 8-3.5, the Value of 7 is Neutral, the Smaller the Value Is, the More Acid the Soil, Ph Can Be Adjusted According to the Plant Species


  • Upgraded Version: The upgraded large display screen will provides you with clearer, quicker and more accurate reading in speedy manner. The updated sunlight sensor can receive much more sunlight coverage in the same period of time compare to others hence offers more precise data to you.
  • 3 in 1 Functions in One Buy: Moisture/pH/Sunlight levels are the critical factors that determine the prosperity of plants, and now with this soil tester you are able to monitor these data in 10 minutes anytime & anywhere you want.
  • Easy & Handy to use: This soil meter is designed rigorously by our engineers who expertize in soil test, and it is extremely easy to use, insert it into soil for about 10 mins and the result will come out. No battery is needed.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use: It can be used indoor and outdoor according to your needs. Reliable soil test tool that will help you take care of your plants, garden, backyard, farm and lawn.
  • Kindly Reminder: This is a soil tester designed to test pH/Moisture/Sunlight level of soil, so it will not be able to function properly if it is used to test any liquid or artificial light.


The professional sensor pH meter tester analyzer gardening kit is used to test the pH and humidity of the soil to help achieve the optimal level of crop growth.
2. This tester can show that humidity users can adjust the pH value and moisture content so that plants and crops can survive and multiply. It can also act as a moisture probe for plants.
3. The pH range of the soil tester is 3-8, the moisture range is 10%-80%, and the uncertainty is ±0.3 (pH) and ±1.0% RDG (moisture). Equipped with metal sensing electrodes for testing to provide the most accurate readings.
4. This soil tester cannot detect the light of trees. Using this device can make plants and organic crops live longer.
5. Hand‑held size, high accurate, light weight and self‑operation, no external power source, such as batteries, convenient for indoor and outdoor use; suitable for farms, gardens and lawns.


Item Type: Soil PH Meter

Product Material: Outer plastic
Product Size: Soil PH Tester Length: Approx.16cm / 6.3in
Suitable Type: Garden, field, lawn, farm, indoor and outdoor use, etc.
Product Function:
Technical Parameters:
Range: 3-8ph
Humidity Range: 10%-80%
Accuracy: +/-0.2ph
Specification: Approx. 50.5 x 165mm / 2 x 6.5in

Prices of Professional Soil Ph Tester:

$30.52 -$133.20

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