The purpose of this brooder is the raising of farm animals and heating of agricultural use warehouses.Find the right heat for the right job. For larger areas that need portable heat, Mr. Heater has a Double Tank Heater — just attach a 1- to 20-lb. propane tank and you are ready to go. There are other portable propane heat options from Mr. Heater as well as L.B. White. Other options include models from Hired-Hand, Modine and Roberts Gordon. Gasolec has infrared heaters that are perfect for animal confinement areas. We also carry the Space-Ray Infrared Brooder. It is a progressive brooder with manual ignition. It works with LPG or Natural gas depending on the model, it could be placed inside the farm buildings.


– Fuel: Liquefied gas or natural gas

– Power: 6.5KW

– AISI 304 Stainless steel chassis

– High quality refractory stainless steel burner

– Safety gas valve with thermocouple

– Air filter

– One controller in charge of 1-20 Sunflower brooders.


– Integrated gas control system under ultra high temperature

– Quick to heat up, efficient on radiant heating

– Better ambiance and less gas consumption

– Create a better life for the animals


Materialaluminum alloy
Cell size5.4 or 4.9mm
Roller length310mm
Cylinder Diameter86mm
Custom SizeAvailable
Packing Size63*33*33cm


$499.00 – $699.00

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