Pyrantel is a narrow-spectrum anthelmintic effective against gastrointestinal roundworms but not against those in the lungs or elsewhere in the host’s body. At higher doses it is also effective against certain tapeworms as well. It is ineffective against flukes (e.g. Fasciola hepatica). It is completely ineffective against external parasites. Oral administration is the rule. It is used very scarcely in livestock but quite a lot in dogs and cats (often in tablets, pills, etc. or oral suspensions) and also in horses (mostly in oral pastes & gels). There are hundreds of generic brands worldwide, also in mixtures with other anthelmintics. It is also used as a human medicine. It is not used against agricultural or household pests.


Pyrantel is used in the form of different salts, e.g. chlorhydrate, tartrate and pamoate (embonate). Efficacy depends on the content of so-called “pyrantel base”. 10 mg pyrantel base correspond to 11.5 mg pyrantel chlorhydrate; 17.22 mg pyrantel tartrate; and 29 mg pyrantel pamoate (=embonate). The tartrate is water-soluble but is unstable in solutions. The pamoate (=embonate) is not soluble in water. 


 recommendations for antiparasitics depend on national regulations. National regulatory authorities determine whether a product is approved for a given indication, i.e. use on a particular host at a specific dose and against a specific parasiteCheck the labels of the products available in your country for specific information on approved indications.

Features of Pyrantel For Goats

Morantel tartrate (Rumatel) recommended label dose for goats is 10 mg/kg, orally. There is 0 (zero) withdrawal time for milk in lactating cattle and dairy goats. Meat withdrawal time for goats is 30 days. Because of the large differences in morantel concentration among the various products, it is important to carefully read the label and make sure you are dosing correctly. The dosage on the chart above is for Durvet Rumatel. {With Durvet Rumatel, feed 0.1 lb (45 grams) per 100 lbs. BW; and with Manna Pro feed 1.0 lb per 100 lb. BW}. There is also a highly concentrated form called Rumatel 88, but this is meant for mixing into large volumes of feed (feed 0.1 lb (45 gram) per 2000 lb BW). Note that the 10 mg/kg dose used for the chart is the label dose; administering 1.5 – 2X this dose may improve efficacy. If an elevated dose is used then withdrawal times would need to be extended.


Product Dimensions4.5 x 1.8 x 3 inches (11.4 x 4.6 x 7.6 cm)
Item Weight8.5 ounces (240.98 grams)

Prices of Pyrantel For Goats

$35.97 – $85.21

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