The Titan 72″ grapple bucket is ideal for picking up and moving small logs, brush, debris, and other odd shaped or hard to lift material. It’s efficient light weight design will not tax your loader’s power allowing you to work faster. The independent grapples make it easy to move difficult and uneven loads. The serrated leading edge provides exceptional grip and can easily tear through small roots and brush. This grapple is not intended for heavier duty, commercial grade work to include digging or pulling trees, rocks, roots from the ground. This pallet fork / trailer receiver hitch attachment for Skid Steer will handle most lifting and light weight towing tasks without taxing your machines power or lift capacity. The lightweight steel frame is designed to be the most efficient fork attachment out there. The integrated hitch receiver is perfect for moving trailers and other equipment around without having to change implements.

Uses/benefits of Quick Attach Pallet Forks

  • UNIVERSAL SKID STEER CONNECTION: Our superior design fits almost all skid steers, loaders, and tractors such as the New Holland, Bobcat Skid Steer, and Kubota tractors. This kind of connection is known as SSQA or Universal Skid steer style quick connect.
  • REMOVABLE PALLET FORK BLADES AND SPEARS: For your convenience, the hay spears are removable, allowing you to add Class I and II Pallet Fork Blades to the carriage bars that are already installed in the hay frame. This will enable you to use the spears, forks, or both at the same time when desired.
  • EASILY TRANSPORT HAY BALES AND PALLETS: With this frame attachment’s design, you can quickly move big round hay bales using hay spears. Adding pallet forks will allow you to move standard pallets, logs, and other debris.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The frame is heavy-duty, powder-coated structural steel, and a welded headache rack. This frame will have a massive 4,000-pound capacity, allowing you to tackle even the toughest jobs while providing rust resistance to the steel from weather elements.
  • DIMENSIONS: This durable pallet fork frame is 46-inches long and stands 29-inches tall. The frame provides adjustable fork blades from 6 to 44-inches and three spear sleeves with a 1.75-inch diameter. The frame alone weighs 120-pounds.

Features of Quick Attach Pallet Forks

– Universal skid steer style hookup
– Hose spring and protective canvas sleeve keeps the hydraulic hoses from getting pinched when in use
– Greasable pins and bushings
– Hoses and flat faced couplers are included
– Twin 3,000 PSI cylinder
– Standard 2″ Trailer Hitch Receiver


Model42” W/T Utility48” W/T Utility42” W/T48” W/T60” W/T
Part Number9016429016423901639901640901641
Fork Length42”48”42”48”60”
Overall Length52.1”58.1”52.1”58.1”70.1”
Weight358 lb.370 lb.393 lb.405 lb.433 lb.
Load Rating (pair @ 24”)3,700 lb.3,700 lb.5,500 lb.5,500 lb.5,500 lb.

Prices of Quick Attach Pallet Forks


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