Rabbit Breeding Cages :Nest boxes are made of different material. I use wooden boxes that are made with plywood and some wire for the bottom. Good clean boxes are important to keeping the kits healthy and the doe from getting an infection in her teats. After each use clean them with a mild cleaner or diluted solvent them let them dry completely in the sun if possible. I store my in a closet until I need them again. Once the box is in the cage I add shredded paper and straw. I once used hay to line the box but the doe ate most of it before she gave birth. The does will move everything around to the way she wants creating a burrow and will pull out belly fur to add to the straw and paper. I place my boxes in a the 30 day mark. I have read to put it in at 31 days or only when you see the does taking their hay that they eat and making a little nest. I’ve had does give birth on day 30 so its better to be safe than to lose 8 kits. If its a cold season I add quite a lot of paper to the bottom, since its wire mesh, to minimize drafts.


Wooden Breeding Cages

Metal Breeding Cages

Plastic Breeding Cages


  • LET YOUR PET BURROW: Substitutes for the natural burrow or den
  • REDUCE STRESS: Provides comfort and security, reducing stress and elongating pet life
  • ROLLED EDGES FOR SAFETY: Rust-resistant galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety
  • REMOVABLE WOOD FLOOR: Removable wood floor for easy cleaning and replacement when needed
  • 18 INCHES LONG: Dimensions (L x W x H): 18 x 10 x 9.5 inches


  • Installation size: 1.4m long, 0.5m wide, 1.65m high.
  • Cage size/strip: 1.4m (L) x 0.5m (W) x 0.45m (H) front x 0.25m (H) back, 2 nests.
  • Nest size: 0.7m (L) x 0.5m (W) x 0.45 (H) front x 0.25m (H) back.
  • Floor is bamboo board
  • Big slope making the manure easily roll down, easy to clean.
  • Keep the 2.5-3kg rabbit to 7.5kg as parent.
  • The cage can hold the box for giving birth to baby rabbit.

Prices of Rabbit Breeding Cages

US$126.50-US$132.00/ Piece

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