Clean water: direct drinking for rabbit from nipple drinker, No spilling and soaking, like the original container style drinker, to make sure rabbit can get clean, fresh water, this can avoid some diseases.Good structure design with removable lower parts for easy cleaning. Each set of drinker have three parts (as picture)Easy to use: just connect it to the hose pipe (soft tube with inner diameter 5/16″ (8mm)) under low water pressure and hook it to rabbit cage.



1:Includes Automatic Water Feeders + T’s and Springs 

2:Ideal for Rabbits, Ferrets, Chinchilla and other small Mammals

3:Manufacturer recommends 3 animals per nipple

4:Does not require a drip cup

5:Can be used with a variety of wire cages6:Very easy and quick to assemble

7:Built-In Cage Clip On The Side

8:Built-In Adjustable valve, uses 5mm allen key to adjust

9:Best installed vertically


Animal BreedRabbit
MaterialStainless steel
BrandStainless steel
Minimum Order Quantity50 Piece

Prices of Rabbit Water Nipples Tractor Supply

$17.98 -$77.98

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