RFID animal and livestock tags Identify and track animals, livestock, fish, and pets using RFID ear tags or injectable RFID ampoule tags. RFID ear tags can be custom printed with tag data, logo, ranch name, and are available in multiple colors. RFID, Inc.’s ISO standard UHF 915 MHz RFID cattle tags are the most innovative RFID tags in livestock management industry, capable of reading multiple animals simultaneously with an unparalleled read range of 7 meters. Our livestock RFID tags even have the option to tune the range down to suit needs at feed stations as well.

Traditional shorter range LF 134.2 KHz RFID ear tags are available as half duplex (HDX) or full duplex (FDX). RFID HDX tags work by replying to a signal sent out by an RFID reader, whereas RFID FDX tags communicate simultaneously with the RFID reader. All of our RFID animal tags are GS1 ISO 18000-6 Gen2 standard and can be made USDA 840 animal traceability compliant. At RFID Inc., we take pride in our RFID technology, so we make our RFID cattle tags out of a durable TPU polyurethane that provides at least a 10-year lifespan for the tag, along with rated operating temperatures from -50°C to 85°C (-50°F to 185°F). Our innovative products are standards and regulatory compliant and are fully interoperable with other standardized Animal ID components and systems.

Uses/benefits of Rfid Ear Tags:

  1. It offers another form of identification for each animal. Sometimes visual tags get lost, become snagged on a fence, etc, whereas EID tags are small and are designed for high retention rates.
  2. An animal can more quickly be identified in the chute (by scanning the tag with a reader) rather than needing to have the animal be completely still to read a visual tag or tattoo number.
  3. Scanning EID tags, instead of manually writing down an ear tag number, offers tremendous time-saving benefits while minimizing errors. As cattle are being worked or loaded into a trailer, their EID tag can be scanned while they are on the move.

Features of Rfid Ear Tags:

  • If you need customized order, please contact us.
  • Encapsulated By Polymer TPU Material, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Freeze, And Anti-Heat,Non-Toxic And Does Not Affect Raising The Animals;
  • Ear Plate And Cooper Ear Tag Clamp Used Together, Easy To Install, And Difficult To Shed;
  • Copper Head Stud Earrings, Not Easy To Be Loosen, No Corrosion, Never Rust;
  • Good Long Term Tag,Management Information Can Be Printed On The Back.


Product Namebacorde ear tag
Model NumberHed-ET107
Brand NameHUIERDUN bacorde ear tag
Warranty1 YEAR
Applicable Industriesfarms
After-sales Service ProvidedOnline support
marking contentsserial number, logo, company name, barcode, QR code
ApplicationFarms, breeding industry
Marking Area100×77 mm
Core ComponentsTPU, TPU
ColorYellow,White,Blue,Green,Red,Orange and so on
PackingCarton Box

Prices of Rfid Ear Tags:

$10.89 – $51.15

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