Rice destoner machine is mainly used for the farmer and grain processing factory or rice processing plant . this rice destoner machine can separate the stone ,rice straw ,leave and other impurities from cereal crops. TQSF series gravity grade destoner is new cleaning equipment of our company design and developed. Mainly used in wheat, paddy, beans primary cleaning and first screening, collecting light impurities (mustard seed, grass seed, worthless wheat etc) and removing sandstones, clods. It can also be used for other grains cleaning and seed selection. This machine is using the principle of matching wind with vibration and screen, so has the advantages of high production efficiency, classification, good performance of removing sand stones and clods, low energy consumption, no dust outside, low noise, convenient repair and operation, etc.
The machine is equipped with a single air suction system, and its effect is more stable and outstanding.

Usage and Features

This sieve and stone cleaning combination machine is a new machine designed by our company on the basis of the advanced concept of stone removing structure design and difference of different species gravity. It is used in cleaning the sand, stone, clod, and other impurities which are heavier than grains in the paddy, rice, wheat and millet. It has an evident effect for the cleaning of the sand of which the size is similar with the grains. Its working principle is to remove sand, clod, brick fragment and so on with the gravity between grains granules and the impurities, such as sand, clod, brick fragment and so on. It adopts wind power and mechanical movement mode to remove sand, clod and bric

  • It requires compact space for smooth working.
  • Operated by Electric Motor in three phase
  • Noiseless working condition
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Grain Merchants, Marking Yard are widely used.


Size Power(Kw)Capacity(Kg/h)Dimension(L*W*H)mWeight(Kg)Voltage
5XQS-1500M5.52000-40001.8*1.63*1.6900380V   50Hz
5XQS-2500M9.73000-50003.94*1.76*1.51300380V   50Hz
5XQS-2500BM11.05000-70004*2.3*1.851500380V   50Hz


 $ 3050 – $38,000.00

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