Rice Grader or Rice Grading Machine is designed for rice classification, which shift milled rice efficiently and accurately into several classes: (1) Head rice or whole rice; (2) Large broken rice; … That is also how modern rice mill plant separating the broken rice from whole rice. Rice Grader or Rice Grading Machine is designed for rice classification, which shift milled rice efficiently and accurately into several classes:

(1)Head rice or whole rice;

(2)Large broken rice;

(3)Medium broken rice;

(4)Small broken rice.


It helps to greatly improve the quality of the final rice. That is also how modern rice mill plant separating the broken rice from whole rice.


1. The vibration is even and the frequency is stable, so that the falling of the material can form a waterfall flow, which will not overlap the material and reduce the color selection error.

2. Customized rust proof aluminum alloy materials, produce strictly according to the standard of international food safety ,non-toxic and harmless.

3. Imported Led lights with more than 10 years service life. Shadowless led lights can precisely focus the ray on the inspection line which can identify any light color differences.

4. Dual 5388px full color high resolution imported cameras, able to recognize the 0.01mm defects.

5. High-frequency ejectors, up to 1200Hz/s. The fastest response time within 0.6ms. Long service life ejectors, service time 5-10 billion.

6.High-speed transmission system with internet access system, data standardization and GBE. High technology supports TP/TCP protocol. Internet remote maintenance as well as performance, malfunction, and safety management

7. The operative system interface is easy to use. Multiple languages to choose. One-key intelligent automatic identification and adjust to meet the requirements of different batches and different impurity rate of the raw material.

8. Automatic cleaning system with customized time, duration and no delay to keep the machine working without time waste.


MODEL(Technical Parameters)WYCS10-640
Output(kg/h) Depend on raw material impurity:10,000
Sorting Accuracy(%):≥99.9
Carryover Rate(bad:good):≥10:1
Power Supply(KW):6
Work Air Pressure(Mpa):0.6-0.8
Air Consumption(L/min):2600-5000
dimension/Size (L*W*H)mm3750*1540*1852mm
Package:Wooden Case


$ 550 – $38,800.00

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