Polishing is part of the rice milling process. Sometimes the appearance of the rice is not as bright as expected after hulling. For this reason there is need to polish the rice to appear as bright as desired .we source, import and sell high quality rice polishing machines . from 300kg per hour to 3 tons per hour, our rice polishers are suitable for small, medium and large scale rice mills . Though some milling equipment combine the function of milling and polishing, rice milling machines are made just for polisher with better appearance . milling machines are of different capacities, from 400kg per hour to 5tons per hour. We have machines suitable for small, medium and large rice mills in Nigeria. Some of these equipment are semi-automatic while others are fully automatic . Some also combine the function of hulling, milling, polishing , destoning in one machine . Our equipment are targeted at high productivity, less noise and less power requirement.


Huller mills

Sheller-Huller mills

Sheller-Cone Polisher mills.


1.High efficiency, capacity is 50-100 kg higher than ordinary rice mill.
2.Light load, which is more suitable for the lower voltage or unstable voltage area.
3.Low consumption: electricity consumption <11 kg/h, lower than the national standard.
4.Motor protection: the motor had fully automatic protection device, which can protect the
motor when voltage lower or higher suddenly,machine stop,higher temperature.
5.Rice after processed consists of less chaff and few of them are damaged (broken). The
neatness of such rice may be up to above standard
6. Better cleaning effect


1.It has a compact structural design with the motor being placed in the cabinet.Rice milling
machine has less noise and can be easily operated and reliably regulated.
2. It is very light and easy to operate. High efficiency and low energy consumption.


Rated Power2.2KW
Standard Motor-Speed2800 r/min
Weight(with motor)76KG
Rice Roller DimensionsΦ250
Rice integrity98%
Package Size650*320*580mm


$480.00 – $25,300.00

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