Rice Parboiling Machine

This system is intended to parboil paddy, a process of partially cooking the paddy while ensuring that the grain husks remain intact. This process hardens the paddy and allows it to withstand the stress of milling activities, without losing nutritional value. Our parboilers and driers are constructed with stainless steel to maximize hygiene standards and processing. They are equipped with a hot air blower and a heat exchanger to ensure maximum efficiency in heat transfer during the parboiling process.


Parboiling involves partial boiling of the paddy before milling in order to increase its nutritional value, to change the texture of cooked rice, and reduce the breakage in milling, the whole process include: Cleaning, soaking, steaming, drying, husking, milling, polishing &grading, color sorting, packing, sealing.


1.Beauty installation structure
2.Out rate of rice guarantee
3.Less Worker labor
4.High efficient

Type               5T              10T              20T                 30T
Capacity(T/D)              5              10              20                 30
Power(KW)             29             74.4             84.9                 97.4
Installation           5*3*3.5          10*5*5.5         11*5*5.5             12*5*5.5
Type            50T             80T          100T          200T
Capactiy(T/D)           50            80           100          200
Power(KW)          125.35           208           245          530
Installation          14*5*5.5        16*5.5*6       18*5.5*6       24*6*11



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