Ritchie Sheep, lamb and pig weighers are designed to be incorporated into a race-way to make to make recording results a much easier task. The entry gate slides upwards and the animal enters onto a stable, unmoving floor. The weigh cage moves vertically on sealed bearings – minimal movement in other directions. With increased access and the ability to angle the weigh head to face left, right or ahead grants easier grading for the operator. Directly record live weight gain data easily onto one of our EziWeigh or Indicator weigh scales. All are complete with a highly visible display, a bright red stable light to easily identify when you have a stable weight, a fine mode allowing a finer resolution for lower weights, auto power-off after 15 minutes for a longer battery life and faster charging. ncreased accuracy and convenience come with Ritchie’s entry level digital lamb scales. A robust, fully HDG unit with bi-fold doors front and rear, and incorporating a simple, easy to read digital 200 kg weigh-head that uses 3x AA batteries. Wheels and fold-away handles, make this high-quality unit easy to move and set up within a race, or out in the field.

Features of Ritchie Sheep Weigh Crate:

  • Robustly constructed and easy to use
  • Designed for building into a race
  • Mesh floor
  • Wheels and fold away handles
  • Locked floor with pedal release
  • Easy to operate entry and exit gates
  • Aerosol holders
  • Galvanised finish

Uses/benefits of Ritchie Sheep Weigh Crate:

  • 4 Point weighing for improved accuracy
  • 3 way drafting for increased efficiency
  • EID compatible
  • Choice of Trutest Electronic indicators to suit
  • Can be mobile or permanently fixed
  • Mesh flooring provides a cleaner and drier solution for animals
  • Large diameter wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • Fold-away handles
  • FREE Local delivery is available in Cornwall & Devon ONLY

Specification of Ritchie Sheep Weigh Crate:

Capacity: 1.5t (special capacities upon request)

Configuration: FLINTEC SLB load cell recommended (special load cell upon request)

Main Function: Livestock weighing/Animal weighing

Main Feature: Electronics on the top/Clean by wash down

Sites Application: Ground/Outdoors/Factory plant

Industry Application: Farm/Packinghouse

material colour capacityload cell junction boxweighing imdicator
carbon steel        (stainless steel is optional)blue (special is ok)200kg~2tZEMIC H8C modelstainless steel JB01 modelstainless steel T31-S model

Prices of Ritchie Sheep Weigh Crate:

$750.00  – $1,500.00

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