Rivulis Drip Tape

Rivulis Drip Tape  is one of the most recognized and trusted drip tape brands in the world, T-Tape Drip Tape is used in a variety of crops around the world to help reduce water consumption, increase crop quality, and increase crop yields. T-Tape Drip Tape can be installed on the ground, under plastic, or even subsurface. Because of T-Tapes material strength, design, and quality production standards, its the drip tape that you can count on year after year.T-Tape Drip Tape Features:Turbulent-flow dripper technology provides a high level of flow rate uniformityWhite stripe with product information for easier installation and storageSelf-closing slit outlet (ideal for SDI systems)Install on the ground, under opaque plastic, or even subsurface.T-Tape is available in a wide assortment of configurations, including various lengths, wall thickness, emitter spacings and flow rates. Helping growers match individual growing situations with maximum yield benefits.

The Rivulis D5000 PC Drip Line represents the most significant advancement of Pressure Compensating (PC) drip technology in the past decade. With one of the widest flow regulating ranges available, Rivulis D5000 PC provides outstanding uniformity even on hilly terrain or long run lengths. This helps ensure that your crop at the end of rows receives the same amount of water as those at the start for more consistent yields. Engineered with a large labyrinth, large outlet pool and multi-zone inlet filters, every component of the Rivulis D5000 PC is maximized for outstanding performance and resistance to clogging.

Uses/benefits of Rivulis Drip Tape:

1. Producted by post forming technics.

2. Up-to-date wide and long runners, fully turbulence and resistance to clogging.

3. Advanced material is used to prevent it from being blocked and aged.

4. Less water-head loss along the travel of water, longer spead length.

5. The price of Drip irrigation drip tape is cheap because we have our own factory.

6. The product can be widely used, kinds of specifications can meet the needs of different customers.

7. The strength of anti-machine is good,and it is easy to be laid down by mechanization.

8. It is light and easy to arrange and to collect in the field.

Features of Rivulis Drip Tape:

Integral pressure-compensating, 13mm brown heavy wall dripperline, Domestic & light commercial surface and sub-surface applications, 13mm Brown Dripperline is the ideal choice for applications involving:

  • Sub-surface or on-surface installations
  • Slopes
  • High wind areas
  • Areas subject to vandalism
  • Planting areas
  • Curved, narrow, and unshaped planting areas
  • Turf, flower beds, trees, and shrubs
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Green walls
  • High traffic or high liability areas
  • Raised planters


Emitter Spacing10/15/20/30/40/50/60cm
Flow Rate1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0L/H
Length of Roll1000/1500/1800/2000m

Prices of Rivulis Drip Tape:

$49.39 – $339.00

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