Rock Bucket For Tractor

Rock Bucket For Tractor Designed for almost any Tractor Loader, the Rock Bucket from Himac Attachments gives you the increase in efficiency you’re looking for. Built here in Australia with strong, high-quality materials, this rock bucket will stand the test of time, able to be put through its paces day in day out in our harsh Aussie environment without breaking a sweat. And with heavy duty and extreme models available, we have a variant that will handle anything you can throw at it. Thanks to a flat bar design, a handy front lip to help keep your bulky material in, along with industry leading sifting and back blading performance, you’ll get the job done right (and quicker) when you’re using a Himac attachment. If you’re not sure which variant is right for your application, our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will also be able to give solid advice to get the right attachment on your tractor.

It does so much more than the name implies. One attachment that is able to handle rocks, concrete debris, tree stumps, branches, hay bales and other bulky material with ease. Whatever your material handling need is, the Silver Bullet Series Rock Bucket from MDS is engineered for strength and durability. Super tough, high carbon solid steel tines and heavy duty support plates are designed for years of trouble-free service. The Silver Bullet Series Rock Bucket has an optional grapple fork attachment available for most applications. The rugged grapple fork incorporates a quick attach, user-friendly mounting design. The grapple fork also features 5/8″ thick high carbon steel teeth, high strength kneed joint, heavy duty 1-1/4″ plated pivot pins and twin 2-1/2″ cylinders for powerful grapple strength. Hydraulic hoses plumbed to center for convenience (connection hoses and ends not included).

Uses/benefits of Rock Bucket For Tractor

  • Redesigned to be 20% lighter than previous version to haul more material.
  • Tight 3” tine spacing to pick rocks and leave dirt behind.
  • Every tine is constructed of one piece of 1/4” Grade 50 steel, from tip to top brace, to add rigidity.
  • Raised ridge in center of tines (rock dam) and notch near tips secure rocks while digging. Fully gusseted tine tips for added strength.

Features of Rock Bucket For Tractor

  • Flat bar design allows maximum sifting
  • Front lip to hold rocks, branches.. etc
  • Greater back blading performance
  • AR36 high grade flat bar – 70 mm spacings
  • Heavy duty models – 12 mm thick tynes:
    1830 mm / 72″, 2000 mm / 79″, 2240 mm / 86 “, 2400 mm / 94”
  • Extreme duty model – 12 mm thick tynes, Reinforced cutting edge:
    2400 mm / 94″


ModelTine Width*Tine DiameterTine Spacing# of TinesLengthHeightWeight (lbs)
LRB4184′1 1/8″1 3/4″1739″26″570
LRB5185′1 1/8″1 3/4″2139″26″680
LRB6186′1 1/8″1 3/4″2539″26″795
LRB7187′1 1/8″1 3/4″3039″26″940
MRB5145′1 1/4″2 1/2″1642″26″675
MRB6146′1 1/4″2 1/2″2042″26790
MRB7147′1 1/4″2 1/2″2345″26″900
MRB8148′1 1/4″2 1/2″2542″26″1015
HRB5125′1 1/2″3″1742″26″735
HRB6126′1 1/2″3″1742″26″830

Prices of Rock Bucket For Tractor

$940.0 – $6,500.00

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