Rocky Mountain Fishing Lures are the best fishing lures on the market. We’ve taken years of experience and combined it with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship to create the most effective fishing lures in the industry.

Rocky Mountain Fishing Lures is one of the leading manufacturers of fishing lures in the United States. Our lures are made with high-quality materials and designed to be durable and effective.

We design our lures with a focus on function and style, ensuring that they can be used by everyone from novice fishermen to professional anglers. Our products are designed to be easy to use, but also offer features that make them appealing to both children and adults.

Rocky Mountain Fishing Lures offers a wide range of products including:


-Soft plastics

-Topwater baits

-Crawfish imitation baits

rocky mountain fishing lures

When planning your fishing trips in the Rocky Mountain states, you will find that you will need to plan your activities ahead of time, prioritize what needs to be done and prioritize the tasks that need to be accomplished. The following article will discuss the types of lures that you may want to take along. It will also discuss the types of baits you can use to target a particular fish species. We’ll cover some of the most common lures used for fishing in the region and why they are beneficial.

Fall fishing lures

As the temperatures cool down, it’s time to change your fishing lures. Fall is the best time to use darker colored flies. Water can be murky due to heavy rain, and fish will struggle to see lighter colored lures. Darker colored lures are much easier for fish to see. Another great option is a glow-in-the-dark lure. It’s easy to spot these lures and get a reaction strike from a following brownie.

You can find numerous species of trout in Rocky Mountain National Park. The fish population is very diverse. Rainbow and brown trout are plentiful and bite frequently. The Colorado River cutthroat is also common in the park. These native fish have helped restore the Colorado River to a healthy population. The perfect lure is one that imitates these fish to get a strike. Here are some tips to help you find the best lures for fall fishing in the Rocky Mountains.

If you’re fishing at dawn or dusk, you can take advantage of the “boils” and fast action that occur early in the day. Use spoons, swimbaits, and other top-water lures to capitalize on these occurrences. In addition, night fishing is a great option, because it allows fish to escape the heat of the day. Be sure to anchor near a drop-off and use underwater lights to attract bait.

You can also try fresh cut baits like shrimp, nightcrawlers, and minnows. Some of these baits are more effective than others. Fresh cut baits like shad and bluegill are effective fall baits. Using a 1/4-ounce buzzbait is especially effective for the fall. Its downsized size helps it catch more fish. If you don’t want to use worms, try using a black buzzbait.

Flat-lining crankbaits

If you love to fish in the rocky mountains, a good choice of lure for this type of fishing is the flat-lining crankbait. The KVD Flat Side Crankbait delivers a unique vibration and action. This lure was designed by Bassmaster Elite Series angler Kevin VanDam to target fish in deeper waters than the HC Square Bill crankbait. This bait offers a side-to-side rolling action that calls fish up to the surface.

There are several options for casting this bait. The Frittside, developed by crankbait designer David Fritts, casts farther than a balsa jig while retaining its unique action. This lure works best in pockets up river and mid-lake points. When fishing with a Frittside, use a slow retrieve and hopped every few feet. You will get a lot of strikes when a hungry bass strikes the bait.

If the water is stained, a fire tiger or black-and-silver crankbait will be perfect. Cast long across points with the tip of your rod low and try to target the underside of structure, like a stump. If you’re using a flat-lining crankbait, look for the fish below the bridge. If you’re fishing in clear water, try shad-colored crankbaits. These baits are effective in a wide variety of conditions, including muddy waters, dirty water, and schooling shad feeding areas.

While flat-lining isn’t rocket science, it increases your chances of catching a fish by covering a wide range of depths with just one bait. Two anglers in a boat can run multiple lines at the same time and have a good chance of catching fish. This can be tricky with four lines in one area. You don’t want to end up with a tangled mess on your line.

Jig-and-‘crawler rigs for walleyes

Jig-and-‘crawler fishing has become an increasingly popular method for catching walleyes. The jig and minnow combination is attractive to these fish and can often produce solid strikes. Typically, walleyes inhabit shallow waters of fifteen feet or less, and casting to these fish can produce great results. Ideally, a drifting approach is most effective. A lift-and-fall action is most effective when jig and minnow offerings are retrieved to shallow waters. When a fish detects the bait on the fall and sets the hook, they will generally come to the surface.

To properly present live minnows and leeches, a quality slip float is essential. Northland stingers are great choices for this, as are soft silicone float stops. Barrel swivels are also important for rigging walleye rigs. If you’re going for a monster walleye, choose strong barrel swivels. A lead sinker can cripple your fishing session. Lindy No-Snagg is an intelligent solution to overcome this problem.

When it’s early season, jig-and-‘crawler rigging is a great option. Walleyes are often fooled by crawlers and leeches, and the bait is best presented with a live-bait rig. Jig-and-‘crawler rigs are popular for many reasons, including their flexibility. Jigs can be used to catch a variety of fish, and live bait rigs are ideal for early-season walleye fishing.

Another option is a nightcrawler-and-jig rig. This combination of a lively jighead and a full nightcrawler is the most effective way to catch a walleye. A half nightcrawler is also effective, particularly in shallow waters and when walleye are biting short. But be sure to watch the water temperature before using nightcrawlers.

Rocky Mountain Tackle Signature Squids

These premium squid fishing lures from Rocky Mountain Tackle are great for trolling behind dodgers and lake trout. They feature premium squid bodies and the highest grade 4.5lb. line, as well as high quality red hooks. You can use these squids to catch any species of fish, including lake trout, kokanee, and bass.

These signature squid fishing lures from Rocky Mountain Tackle are ideal for trolling behind dodgers when targeting kokanee and lake trout. They are made with premium squid bodies and top grade 4.5lb monofilament, as well as high quality red hooks. Whether you’re fishing for salmon or trout, you’re sure to hook a fish with this lure.

The owner of Rocky Mountain Tackle has been a fisherman for over 20 years and has made cutting-edge technology to create a variety of lures that will attract fish. Raised in Utah, he spent every spare moment fishing Flaming Gorge, Strawberry Reservoir, and Fish Lake. And he loves to see young anglers putting his signature squid fishing lures to use in the water.

UV-emitting squid bodies

The signature squid by Rocky Mountain Tackle is an effective squid lure, especially when you are trolling behind a dodger. It is designed to target both lake trout and kokanee. This lure is crafted from premium squid bodies and tied to a Rocky Mountain Signature Dodger with a 10-12 lb. fluorocarbon leader. In addition, the Rocky Mountain Signature Squid is UV-emitting.

UV-emitting squid body catches fish by triggering the mate search mechanism of the female. The angler fish lure helps the female find a mate, and the two eventually fuse. In some cases, the male flies away and merges with the female’s body. The lure has UV-emitting properties that make it a very effective fishing lure.

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