The 570g/L high-load glyphosate formulation of Roundup Ultra® MAX provides you with knockdown control of tough weeds. Roundup Ultra MAX is made to the highest quality, ISO certified standards. This high load, low viscosity and low foam formulation allows faster fill rates and reduced spray times.

A powerful 570 g/L glyphosate formulation, Roundup ULTRA® MAX is the latest in Roundup technology, offering advanced performance and flexibility. Made to the highest quality standards, enhanced performance includes more comprehensive weed controlling capability, greater translocation qualities, and rainfastness. Roundup ULTRA MAX is at the forefront of weed control.


  • Non‐selective herbicide for the control of many annual and perennial weeds

Roundup ULTRA MAX is the latest in Roundup technology offering advanced performance and flexibility. Roundup ULTRA MAX is the most powerful liquid knockdown on the market, specially formulated with a unique surfactant system. Made to the highest standards using Monsanto technical ingredient and specifications, it is fully loaded and ready to use. 

Roundup UltraMax is a leading weed control option. As the highest strength Roundup brand product available, UltraMax contains a superior blend of surfactants formulated to ensure reliable performance under all conditions within New Zealand. Please contact a PGG Wrightson store for pricing of the 100L and 500L. Certified handler: not required for this product.

  • High strength glyphosate product = lower use rate
  • Proprietary surfactant package to ensure reliable performance

Features of Roundup Ultra Max

Superior performance on key weeds

Roundup Ultra MAX contains 570 g/L glyphosate present as the potassium salt, a powerful formulation providing growers excellent control of tough weeds with fewer weeds escaping, cleaner paddocks and less drums required.

Proprietary surfactant package

Roundup Ultra MAX has the proprietary Transorb II surfactant package that helps to ensure fast uptake into the plant and superior performance. Roundup Ultra MAX is fully-loaded, meaning no extra surfactants are required in most situations.


Roundup Ultra MAX is manufactured to the highest standards. Bayer control the manufacturing process from raw materials to formulated product and are ISO certified to ensure stability, consistency and quality.

Direction for use

RESTRAINTS DO NOT disturb weeds by cultivation, sowing or grazing for six hours of daylight following treatment of annual weeds and seven days for perennial weeds to ensure herbicide absorption, unless specified otherwise in critical comments. 

Prices of Roundup Ultra Max

$44.99 – $347.27

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