The RPM Ultimate Crush has forever been used by producers for over 30 years. Engineered to withstand the highest demands of operations, the Ultimate is versatile for the demand of large commercial operations and also the small feedlot. The addition of spey and injection gates, gives operators full access to their beasts. RPM is 100 Australian owned cattle handling range manufactured by Geoff Pearson, a well-known breeder, feedlot operator and exporter of cattle in Western Australia. The products are created in the factory at Gatton, Queensland and available across a national dealer network. The company has introduced innovations in its crush range such as the hydra lock ram, rose joint linkages, power lock linkages and the hydra lock squeeze, to make work easier. Plans continue to meet customers’ needs through feedback and research. RPM uses the latest computer-aided design and engineering to optimise efficiency, operator safety and animal welfare.

At RPM Rural Products we are the leading retailer/manufacturer of livestock handling equipment. RPM Rural Products has been listening to rural people since 1990 and stemming for this instructive advice, and our insatiable drive to innovate, is a long line of award winning products that have changed the face of livestock handling equipment. When cattlemen require new handling equipment they must consider efficiency, reliability and affordability; it is herein that RPM has set a formidable benchmark.


A cattle crush holds the animal immobilised to minimise the risk of injury to both the animal and the handler. An effective livestock handling system requires a suitable choice from a wide range of commercially available cattle crushes.


  • Heavy duty crush using high tensile galvanised steel
  • Small feedlot/large commercial operation
  • Parallel double sided squeeze
  • Spey & injection gates
  • Rose joint bearing linkage
  • Hydra lock headbail and squeeze
  • Front and rear operation standard
  • Sound proofing
  • Powerlock linkage
  • Choose either: Straight Rubber Lined Doors or a our standard Superlock on the headbail
  • Offside and Nearside Available
  • Hot dipped model available 


  • Medium Duty Crush Using High Tensile Galvanised Material
  • 115x42mm Oval Rail Gates for Anti-Bruise Operation
  • Rose Joint Bearing Linkage
  • Hydra Lock Headbail
  • Bottom Bayonet Squeeze
  • Anti-backing bar
  • Front and Rear Operation Standard
  • Powerlock II Linkage for Improved Rear Operation
  • Offside and Nearside Available
  • Baulk Gate
  • Hydra Headlock or Mugger Headlock
  • Welded Drop-In Floor or Timber Floor
  • Semen Gates
  • Fully Sheeted Rear Door
  • Weight: 715kgs



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