We feel proud to introduce ourselves as a leading supplier of Sahiwal Cow. The offered cow is well known for its ability to survive in different weather conditions. This cow is taken care by our professionals to maintain its health and milk production. The offered cow is fed with fresh and nutritious food for its proper growth. Moreover, the offered Sahiwal Cow can be bought from us at economical prices.

The Sahiwal breed, which originated in the Montgomery region of undivided India, is mainly native to southwest Punjab and the adjoining Sri Ganganagar district of north Rajasthan. Like all indigenous cows, its age at first calving is 3-3.5 years, compared to 2-2.5 years for exotic/crossbred animals. But Sahiwal is a relatively good milker, with average yields of 2,300-2,500 litres per lactation cycle, compared to 1,600-1,800 litres for other desi breeds such as Gir and Red Sindhi, 4,000-4,500 litres for crossbreds, and 6,000-7,000 litres for exotic Holstein-Friesian cows


  • The origin of this breed was in Pakistan, but herds of this breed are available in areas bodering Indo-Pak border in rajasthan and punjab state.
  • Sahiwal is not only a very high yielding milch breed, it is endowed with the quality of heat tolerance, resistance to diseases and ability to thrive under extreme nutritional stress. One can expect on an average a milk yield between 2000-2500 litres in a lactation and also upto 3000-4000 litres during its lactation.
  • Khurana Dairy Farm has been maintaining a very good herd of pure Sahiwals with the aim of improving their milk yield capacity and conserving the germplasm of Sahiwal cows and is also undertaking supply of Sahiwal breed animals to select buyers.


Used for dairy and milk purpose
More than 18 litre milk production per day
Sahiwal cow give A2 quality milk, which reduces risk of many common diseases and help us to keep our body healthy
Vaccinated time to time
Free from any diseases
High milking production
Competitively low prices
All over India transport available with all legal documents

Uses/benefits of

Milk contains high protein

Milk production in a lactation cycle is approximately 2325 kgs

Age of first calving ranges from 35 to 38 months


Quantity Per Pack1 litre
Minimum Order Quantity1 Litre

Price of Sahiwal Cow Milk


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