Saltwater Custom Fishing Rods is the premier rod builder for saltwater fishermen. They offer custom fishing rods that are designed to be the best in the industry. The company has been around for more than 20 years, and they have a reputation for being one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Saltwater Custom Fishing Rods offers a wide range of products and services including:

  • Saltwater rod building
  • Saltwater rod repair
  • Saltwater rod maintenance

Saltwater Custom Fishing Rods are the perfect choice for anglers who want to cast farther and more accurately than ever before. Our rods are constructed from premium components and built for superior performance in any saltwater environment.

With Saltwater Custom Fishing Rods, you can now make the most of your time on the water by catching more fish, having them fight less, and putting more on your plate. If you’re ready to enhance your fishing experience with a new rod that will help you catch more fish, contact us today and let us know what type of fishing rod you’d like built.

Saltwater fishing rods are built to handle the extreme conditions of saltwater fishing. They’re made from high-quality materials that are resilient and durable, and they’re designed to be strong enough for fish like striped bass, bluefish, shark, grouper, snapper, tuna, and amberjack.

Saltwater fishing rods are designed to be able to stand up against the stress of large fish pulling on them during the fight. They are made with carbon fiber or graphite which is lighter than traditional wood or bamboo rods. The strength of a carbon rod is much higher than a wood or bamboo rod, so it will not break under stress as easily as other types of rods would when fighting big fish such as sailfish or marlin.

Saltwater fishing rods typically have heavier line ratings than freshwater rods because they need to be able to withstand high pressure from large fish pulling against them while trying to get free once caught by anglers who want them for dinner tonight.

When you are shopping for a new fishing rod, there are many options to choose from. Here are a few examples: Jellyfish TX3, Mojo Inshore, MHX IM-7 Graphite, and St. Croix SC-3. These rods will all help you snag fish on the big lakes and rivers. You can even add a reel if you want to. If you want a custom rod that will stand out from the crowd, you may want to choose one of these four.

St. Croix SC-3

During its evolution from bamboo to fiberglass, St. Croix has forged a reputation for producing quality fishing rods that perform with extreme precision. Fiberglass has proven to be a popular choice for rods because it is lightweight and flexible. The company’s pioneering work in this area led to the development of dozens of custom models for specific species and environments. Today, the company’s SC-3 saltwater custom fishing rods have earned a reputation for delivering a perfect balance between performance and price.

The St. Croix SC-3 saltwater custom fishing rods feature the latest carbon fiber and composite technologies. These materials are paired with expertly honed manufacturing methods to create a superior fishing rod. Each blank is custom-made for specific performance properties. Carbon fiber is used in a St. Croix rod to add strength, but its premium price makes it a smart choice for anglers who want a truly premium rod.

The SC-3 offers a wide range of fishing rods for saltwater and inshore fishing. The SC-3 extra fast is a 7-foot rod that is designed for inshore game fish like grouper and snook. It also features a Fuji graphite reel seat. It is an ideal choice for targeting a specific type of fish. The SC-3 is ideal for targeting a variety of species, including tarpon, snook, and redfish.

Jillyfish TX3

When it comes to saltwater custom fishing rods, the Jillyfish TX3 Saltwater is one of the most popular models. Designed in Houston, Texas, this rod offers exceptional precision, action, and performance. Featuring a CHROMIUM SCOPE, this rod is ideal for fishermen who sight fish on a screen. Each rod is carefully crafted to maximize the performance and durability of the fishing line it’s attached to.

The Jillyfish TX3 saltwater custom rods are made to be versatile enough to meet the needs of most fishermen. Both models are built to last. The Jillyfish TX3 7 ft. medium-action rod is best suited for targeting Snapper, Snook, and large Snook. Both rods feature Fuji Alconite K-frame guides and burnt cork grips.

When it comes to saltwater fishing rods, choosing the correct model can be an absolute game changer. The right rod will enhance your experience and make the sport safer. In addition to choosing a rod, you should choose the correct reel. Choose high-speed reels when fishing with fast baits. Slow-speed reels work well with slower baits and lures. Match the reel to the rod’s weight to keep both you and the fish safe.

Mojo Inshore

Designed specifically for inshore saltwater fishing, Mojo Inshore custom fishing rods are made with a premium SCII graphite blank and saltwater grade guides. These rods are highly durable and deliver value in every configuration. Mojo Inshore saltwater custom fishing rods are available in multiple sizes to match your fishing needs. Listed below are the features that make Mojo Inshore saltwater custom fishing rods so valuable to inshore anglers.

St. Croix’s Mojo Inshore saltwater custom fishing rods are designed to perform well with heavy-weight fish. These rods feature an extra-heavy carbon blank and IPC mandrel technology for excellent sensitivity and strength. Whether you prefer live bait or trolling, these rods will meet your needs. No matter what type of fish you are targeting, you’ll be able to catch them with the right lure.

The Omen Green rod was built for long casting and fast loading. It features a smooth yet powerful taper for accurate casts. The rod’s lightweight and durable construction is enhanced by a poly vector graphite construction and Portuguese cork. Besides a lightweight design, the Omen Green also features an ergonomically-designed hook keeper. This rod is built with an integrated snagless hook keeper.

Each Mojo Inshore saltwater custom fishing rod includes a net clip and an attachment point. Each one is made to be as functional as possible while still looking great. The St. Croix Mojo Inshore saltwater custom fishing rods include a four-piece net kit. Its four-piece design is surprisingly light for its size. These rods are an excellent choice for any angler who prefers to catch the big ones on the inshore saltwater.

MHX IM-7 Graphite

The MHX IM-7 graphite custom fishing rod is ideal for freshwater and saltwater applications. Designed to cast 1/8 oz. jigs and other soft plastics, this rod is great for inshore fishing as well as casting large inshore fish. Aftco gimble and Fuji K-frame guides make this rod ultra-lightweight, yet durable.

The IMX technology makes this rod balance beautifully for comfortable swing-weight. This results in more fish on the bank and more smiles on the water. The MHX IM-7 graphite saltwater custom fishing rod is made by Kistler. It is lightweight, yet powerful and balanced for maximum power transfer. The IMX IM-7 has many benefits and a lot to offer anglers looking for a high-end rod.

The MHX IM-7 saltwater custom fishing rod features a seven-foot, six to eight-pound light tackle, high-action, and fast-action. It comes with a custom-designed Pompano jig in pink and white. The IM-7 is part of a Konagloosh fishing rod set. It is perfect for catching large saltwater species.

Designed for angling, the MHX IM-7 is made of high-quality IM-7 graphite and features Fuji guides and a high-end reel seat. It is lightweight, yet durable, and offers positive line control. Its sensitive tip design allow for easy mending. The MHX IM-7 graphite saltwater custom fishing rod makes fishing more enjoyable and efficient.

XLH70 Series

If you are looking for a custom fishing rod, the XLH70 Series is the answer. These rods are made from 78 Million high modulus graphite and have titanium oxide guides. They feature a curved aluminum machined butt handle for trolling and a marine-grade straight aluminum machined butt handle for stand-up fishing. All three models can be ordered within eight weeks.

The XLH70 Series standup saltwater fishing rods feature a 78-million-modulus graphite blank, Kevlar scrim, and oversized roller guides. These rods are made with a thin diameter blank for outstanding sensitivity and power. They are made with interchangeable machined butt handles and oversized rollers. They also feature great sensitivity and backbone.

Whether you prefer spinning or casting, a six-to-seven-foot medium-action saltwater rod is the best choice for flats or backwater fishing. This rod should be paired with a bait caster or spinning reel and a 15-pound-test weighted line. A gold metal spoon is your go-to bait for saltwater fishing. Alternatively, soft plastic jigs and spoons work well for flats and backwater fishing.


If you’re a saltwater fisherman, you should consider purchasing an Okuma saltwater custom fishing rod. These rods feature a patented UFR (r) technology that offers three times the strength of a conventional rod. Okuma offers many different saltwater custom fishing rods, with great features, design, materials, and construction technology. A few of these options are the PCH Custom Trolling Rod, Makaira Saltwater Rod, and Epixor Rod.

The PCH Custom Series rods feature the latest technology and insights from leading fishermen. The rods are made with a patented blank construction process and incorporate Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement (UFR) technology to increase the rod’s strength without compromising sensitivity. The rods are highly responsive and designed to reduce breakage while casting. Moreover, the PCH Custom Series rods are lightweight and easy to handle, making them ideal for anglers who prefer to fish without the need for heavy equipment.

The PCH Custom saltwater rod series is built with durable materials that make it ideal for a variety of offshore fishing styles. Its design features oversized reel seats, refined grip shapes, and high-quality guides. These rods are made to withstand tough conditions and fight large pelagics. So, if you’re an offshore fisherman, you should choose one of these rods. They’ll last you a lifetime and will stand up to tough fishing situations.

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