Saltwater Fly Tying Materials All of our fly tying materials are selected for quality and value. These are the same materials that are used to produce many of the flies that you see in the pages of Saltwaterflies.Com. Although many of these materials are also useful for freshwater tiers, we feel that this is the first catalog designed specifically with the saltwater tier in mind.Woolly Bugger Streamer Flies The wooly bugger is a pattern that is universally successful. and the marabou tail undulates in water to drive fish crazy. Experienced workers hand tied fishing flies.


FLY RECIPE: Hook Size: size 4, 6, 8 Fishhook features: black-nickel finish, barbed, down eye, 3X length, 2X strength, perfect gap, perfect bend, ultra sharp, high-carbon steel, forged. Tail: marabou feather Package List: 6 Pieces/boxMOQ: 10 Box Color: Red, Black, Olive, White, Brown, Pink Fishhook producing countries: Japan Quality-Tied on Japan Made Fly Hooks by Our Proffesional Fly Tiers; Fly Typical Target Species: Catch pike, bass, panfish, brook, cutthroat, brown, and rainbow trout for less but catch so much more. Woolly Buggers are an excellent all-purpose streamer with great action; Saltwater Fly Tying Materials includes:


Natural Streamer Hair

Synthetic Streamer Hair



Mylar Tinsel

Fly Tying Thread

Popper Bodies

Stick-On Eyes

Features of Saltwater Fly Tying Materials;

  • Longest & Fullest Craft Fur.
  • Quality material fly tying materials,,Fly Fishing Tying Material.
  • Perfect for Streamers & Saltwater Flies
  • Specifications: The fibers are long ( aprox 3″- 4″)
  • Packing: 14 packs( 6.3″ x 3.5″ 1pcs/color/pack)


Customization Options Guide
Color OptionAny color
Sample Lead Time5 business days
ShippingShips in bag or box
Production Lead Time15 – 25 business days. Production time is subject to change based on order quantity. For rush orders, please Contact Us for details.

Prices of Saltwater Fly Tying Materials:

$21.98 – $55.99

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