Scintex Cattle Scales

Scintex Cattle Scales Heavy duty cattle scales with digital display. Available in three sizes to suit your cattle crush or cradle. These cattle scales include the two load beams, heavy duty leads with dust proof plugs as well as digital monitor with battery charger. The Scintex cattle weigh scales are designed in house to be the toughest on the market. Convenience and simplicity is key with the monitor powered via the internal battery or by 240V mains power. The display is easy to read and back-lit so it can be read even in bright sun light.

Very simple to use and if required the user can easily calibrate the scales, removing the need to return the scales for calibration.The Scintex weigh beam combination has been designed with simplicity and practicality in mind. They are quick and easy to set up and use. They can be permanently mounted or used as a set of mobile scales. Ideal for a wide range of applications from weighing cattle and livestock under cattle crushes to installation under conveyors, tanks and hoppers. A big advantage of the Scintex scales are the simplicity in calibrating and balancing to zero. The best technology has been used to ensure fast and accurate readings even with a moving load

Uses/benefits of Scintex Cattle Scales:

High precision A/D conversion, Readability is 1/30000;

Zero position tracking range and zero setting (boot/manual) range can be set respectively;

Digital filtering speed, amplitude and the stable time can be set;

Weighing counting function;

Backlight models is optional;

Rechargeable;With under voltage alarm and protection;

LED is With 4 V/ 4 Ah maintenance-free rechargeable battery.

LCD is with 6V/4Ah maintenance-free rechargeable battery

With RS232 connection (optional)

A/D conversion mode:Σ-Δ conversion mode

A/D conversion rate: 10t/S

Maximum A/D conversion:24bit

 input signal range:-10mV~15mV

input sensitivity:≥1μV/e

Load cell excitation power:DC3.3V.

Features of Scintex Cattle Scales:

Scintex is dedicated to ongoing product development and making the best cattle scales on the market. Our current model of cattle scale now includes the following:

  • All Scintex scales are supplied factory calibrated ready to use out of the box. If you do decide to calibrate yourself onsite, we will support you. Unlike other brands, we do not lock you out of the calibration settings and in fact we provide detailed instructions on how to calibrate the scales yourself onsite if ever desired.
  • Waterproof, stainless steel display. A sleek stainless enclosure with double lipped seals gives the monitor water and dust proofing. It is mounted by a stainless steel mounting foot which can be easily removed to allow portability of the display. The durable stainless casing provides a significant advantage over other cattle scales on the market.
  •  Water proof & Dust Proof Plugs & Heavy Duty Leads. The Scintex cattle scales are equipped with heavy duty leads designed to withstand squashing. Combined with the best quality Hirschmann style plugs to prevent dust and water ingress, a common occurrence in the cattle yard environment.
  •  Simple to use “Hold” function. Scintex is also focused on software development and making the scales more user friendly. This Simple hold function allows for a beasts weight to be taken and stored, allowing ample time for weight recording. Varying levels of Hold speed allow you to snap off quick readings for highly active cattle or slower readings for a more accurate weight on cattle which will maintain stillness for longer.
  • Hard carry case with foam inserts. Protect the cattle scale monitor, leads and charger with the custom moulded, heavy duty case with foam inserts. Easily carry the scale monitor around in your utility, truck or quad bike without the risk of damage. Water and dust proof!
  • Increased warranty. Scintex backs it’s Series X-1 Cattle Scales with a 3 Year warranty giving you piece of mind.

Specification of Scintex Cattle Scales:

Operating Temperature-10 to 40C-10 to 40C-10 to 40C-10 to 40C

Prices of Scintex Cattle Scales:

$1,195.00 – $2,499.00

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