In earlier days farmers were facing difficulties, to separate good seeds and the contaminating seeds or material or damaged seeds. When the farmer breeds seed for sowing, the maximum effort was required for separation of good seeds and the impurities. When farmer breeds seed manually then they needed more time for separation of good seed from contaminated seeds or material. Due to this above reasons designers developed various seed cleaning machines.

Uses of Seed Cleaning Equipment

Seed Cleaning Equipment is a machine for removing dust, dirt, and similar particles from grains of wheat and rye. It also removes some of the fruit coverings and seeds, and it hulls the grains of such groat crops as oats, millet, and barley.

Types of Seed Cleaning Equipment

Precision cleaning

High capacity cleaning

Density separation

Optical sorting


  • Drum scalpers with rotating cylinders that are typically used to remove large coarse materials.
  • Drum cleaners with rotating cylinders that scalp and sift at high capacity.
  • Screeners with gyratory motion that can scalp and sift.
  • Gravity cleaners use gravity to convey grain through the cleaner.
  • Combination cleaners scalp, screen and aspirate the grain. Grain can be cleaned by width, length, density and even color.
  • Width: gravity, rotary, vibratory and oscillating screeners
  • Length: length graders and disc cylinder cleaners
  • Density: aspirators and gravity tables
  • Color: color sorter When describing physical characteristics of screeners, there are drum-style rotary, trommelstyle rotary, vibratory (in-line), gyrating and gravity.


FeaturesBench Full Size Mobile
Capacity300 Bu/Hr on cereals
Screen Size54″ X 36″ (6)
Deck size54″ X 72″
Horsepower5 HP on Fan; 2 HP on Shoe
Weight2400 lbs

Prices of Seed Cleaning Equipment

$1,300 – $25,200.00

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