Seed Cleaning Machine is a universal machine well suited for pre- and fine cleaning many different species of grain and seeds. It brings super cleaning effect cause of it is accomplished by multi-layer cleaning screen configuration, pre- and after suction system, and air lifting blowers at the bottom. It is fit for different grains and seeds cleaning, as wheat, maize, paddy, barley, beans, oilseeds, etc.


Commonly referred to as seed disinfection, seed cleaning often is a hot water treatment to clean the seed of pathogens. Hot water seed cleaning methods run the risk of damaging your seeds germination and shelf life. Germains also offers a conventional seed treatment that is effective for controlling Verticillium

Main Features

1) Low damage rate with flexible friction.
2) Split body can be opened easily for leftovers cleaning to avoid mixing.

3) Stable and reliable operation.
4) Equipped with wheels for easy move.

5) The folio housing can quickly and conveniently open the machine and implement a thorough cleaning, effectively prevent mechanical mixing.

6) One machine is multi-purpose, reduce user cost, reduce seed cost.

7) Stable and reliable during processing;It is convenient and easy to move.

8) It is equipped with a feed gate that can be opened in different sizes and a pressure adjusting door that can change the size of the resistance and counterforce by adjusting the weight of the pressure weight. Careful adjustment can ensure the quality and safety of seeds and avoid excessive temperature rise


Model5X-5 Fine Seed Cleaner5X-12 Fine Seed Cleaner
Dimension (L*W*H)3200*1920*3600MM3790*1940*4060MM
Capacity5 T/H12 T/H
Vibration Motor2.2KW2.2KW
Feeding Motor1.5KW1.5KW
Back Lifting System Motor3.0KW3.0KW


$850.00 – $23,000.00

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