This Seed Moisture Tester simple-to-use instrument provides instant, non-destructive moisture content measurement in grains, seeds and other small objects. The PM450 builds on our years of success with grain testers, updating our PM410 with numerous new features and enhancements


Weight: 1kg

Test time: 10s.

Repeat error: ≤2%.

Test error: ≤0.5%.

Sample weight: 150g.

Seed moisture meter.

Moisture range: 3~35%.

Working humidity: ≤80%.

Temperature compensation.

Working temperature: 0~40C.

Test more then 20 kinds of grain.

Power supply: 9V DC, 4pcs dry batterie

Prices of Seed Moisture Tester

$110.00-$120.00/ Unit

US $ 73-105 / Piece

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