Seed Separator Machine

According to the principle of the segregation of particles and density in the process of fluidization of granular materials, the machine adjusts the technical parameters such as wind pressure and amplitude to make the materials exchange the positions and produce stratification. The parts of heavier specific gravity settles downwards, and the parts of lower specific gravity drifts upwards. After entering the dropping area, the materials of different types are discharged from different parts according to the requirements, which has achieved the purpose of selection.

Uses of Seed Separator Machine

Seed Separator Machine is suitable for all kinds grain seeds and crop seeds cleaning processing. 
depend on the geometry size of different kinds of grains, we can equip different mesh size screens, thogh changing the screens, it can suitable for different grains, like maize, wheat, sesame, paddy, millet, cotton seeds, soya bean, sorghum, oat, ground nut, pumpkin seed, melon seed, sunflower seed, buckwheat, green bean, red bean, black bean, pea, chickpea, Alfalfa seeds, cassia seed, grass seeds and so on.

Types of Seed Separator Machine

Vibratory separator

Spiral separator

Electronic colour sorters

Electrostatic separator

Magnetic separator


Customized various sieve’s size and amount of sieve layer that make the seed cleaner & grader has wide range of application and high grading efficiency.

Dust removing system protect working environment.  


Dimension(L×W×H) mm3970×1800×27504970×1900×31005600×2100×32005600×2100×3200
Dimension of sieves mm1250×8002000×10002400×12502400×1500
Capacity kg/h30005000750010000
Weight kg1200150017001800
Power Kw4.256.9910.110.5
RemarksDust reducerCyclone dust separator

Price of Seed Separator Machine

 $5,000 –  $50,000

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