Seedling Tray Price

Seedling Trays are great for the home gardener or Commercial Nursery and Farming. These seedling trays are designed to be grower friendly. These trays help in producing healthy and invariable seedlings and prevent transplanting shock due to healthier and stronger roots. Using seedling trays, rate of seed germination can be assured 100% unlike conventional method. The roots of seedling grow to their optimum size. Seedling trays protect the seedlings and their root structures from damage when they are handled by the growers and during transplantation it becomes convenient by the use of our seedling trays

Seedlings grown in trays are healthy and disease free crop. Cost efficiency is increased by lower consumption of water and fertilizers with the usage of seedling trays. The use of our seedling trays increases productivity and reduces unnecessary expense, thus saving on both time and money. Seedling trays make easy handling during transplantation of delicate seedlings. Seedling trays are the ideal tool for proliferate large numbers of seeds, both indoors and outdoors. Our seedling trays are light in weight.

Features of Seedling Tray

1.Exceptional weed suppression without spraying
2.Oustanding UV resistance – 5 year UV guarantee
3.Light weight,easy to install,follows natual ground contours
4.Puncture and tear resistant – can handle machine and pedestrian traffic
5.Can effectively prevent the ground produce weeds, keep the floor clean.
6.Good water and air permeability,It can be keep the soil moisture , temperature,
    and stop insects,It is good to keep the fertilizer and water from evaporating

Uses/benefits of Seedling Tray

  • Re Usable And Easy To Handle Best Germination Trays Widely Used In All Nurseries Ans Home Gardens
  • Widely Used In All Nurseries Ans Home Gardens
  • flexible and reusable
  • grow alll types of Vegetable, Flowers And Other Plants
  • Each tray has 50 Holes used seed germination
  • High quality assurance,  not easy to deformation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Can be used for several times/very convenient and saves time in the nursery.
  • Strong bearing capacity


  • Ideal for Starting seeds and Transplanting Seedling.
  • Suitable for both manual and automatic planting.
  • Suitable for propagating vegetables, flowers and other plant from seed in green-house or indoors.
  • High-quality and durable. Made with heavy-duty plastic, BPA-free plastic flat trays.

Product Specification

MaterialPVC, ABS
Thickness0.8 mm
Quantity50 Cavity
Length550 Cms
Width300 Cms
Depth2 Inches

Prices of Seedling Tray

$0.27-$0.37/ Piece

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