Self Propelled Lawn Sprinkler Sprinkler is a self-propelled sprinkler which uses water pressure to move along a set hose path. The sprinkler is weighed down by a cast iron body, with the weight and spiked wheels ensuring the path is followed and the sprinkler will not stall or get stuck. The sprinkler is able to traverse up to 200 feet, with the rotary spray giving even coverage from 15ft to 55ft (Min and max coverage). It has a Rust-proof, cast-iron body for stability and durability lasting season after season.

Uses of Self Propelled Lawn Sprinkler

Self Propelled Lawn Sprinkler sprinklers are designed so that water sprays out from several small holes or from tubes. The amount of water that is delivered by the sprinkler is determined by water pressure from the garden hose. Garden sprinklers provide a way to water your lawn and garden with very little effort


  • Ideal for extra large lawns
  • Self propelled
  • Heavy duty cast iron body
  • Superior water distribution
  • Fits both 12mm and 18mm garden hoses
  • Travel distance up to 60m
  • Total spray coverage up to 1,100m²
  • Stationary full circle coverage of 4.5-13.5m diameter


  • self-propelled traveling sprinkler with 3-position speed control that can travel along any hose path
  • Covers up to 13, 500 Square feet along 200 feet of hose, with automatic shut-off functionality
  • Rust-proof, cast-iron body for stability and durability
  • Adjustable diameter spray coverage (15 feet up to 50 feet)
  • Rotary spray for even and healthy water coverage

Prices of Self Propelled Lawn Sprinkler

$93.48- $78.98


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