The Standard Semi-Auto Cattle Crush Gate is fully galvanised with a 48.3 frame and 8mm Mounting Plates. Gibney Steel Products have been a leading manufacturer of quality agricultural products. Every part of the gate is protected and covered in galvanise. Galvanised structures last for years and are a worthwhile investment on any farm. Every farm that handles animals should have proper handling facilities which are well designed and in good working order. This is important for the animal welfare but also for the safety of everybody working there. Bent and rusty gates should be replaced to avoid injury to both you and your animals. As well as a structured strong crush gate the surrounding crush should be regularly checked and maintained as it is essential infrastructure for any farm. If your crush is poor quality regular tasks such as dosing and tagging become difficult and dangerous. There is a 10mm Handle which is strong and easy to grip. The gate is sturdy, robust and requires little or no maintenance. Easy to open and close it is suitable for small and large animals.


The overall purpose of a crush is to hold an animal still to minimise the risk of injury to both the animal and the operator while work on the animal is performed.


  • Fully galvanised which is hardwearing, weather resistant and robust
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Easy to install, open and close when fitted correctly
  • Makes handling, dosing and tagging animals easier and safer
  • Smooth finish to prevent irritating the small or large animal


Fully Galvanised semi-automatic cattle crush gate is 25.5 inches wide by 59 inches high and a single lever is used to control opening. One side of the gate adjusts to safely restrain the cattle by their head and neck. Comes c/w fixing lugs for connecting to crush gate posts. Once set by the handler, the gate will automatically close once the animal tries to pass through. They can be instantly released when required by pulling the lever attached. Frame: 48.3 Tube Head: 5mm Handle: 10mm Mounting Plates: 8mm Dimensions: 1680 x 950 x 245mm

  • 1.8m High x 0.715m Internal Width
  • Neck Distance can be adjusted on each side
  • Operating Handle can be fitted on either side
  • Will stay fully opened if required


$501.41  – $2,88.00

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