Sheep Milking Equipment

Sheep Milking Equipment Milking Trolleys are among the simplest automatic milking solutions: a wheel-supported chassis is equipped with a complete milking system. Our milking trolleys are easy to handle and transport, ensuring optimal comfort for both animals and operators during milking. You can automatically milk more animals at the same time, without requiring further assistance. Entirely made in Italy for maximum strength, resistance and durability. You can choose among a wide range of configurations to find the best solution to fit your needs.

Sheep and goat farming requires specialised milking equipment in order to simplify the general running of the farm and increase its profitability. Efficient control and management of the milking process is particulary important in order to garantee reasonable profitability for sheep and goat farming since productivity of each animal is limited and the size of the herd is usually large. The use of precise and reliable milking equipment with advanced control leads to maximised production. Milkline continues to innovate and develop advanced solutions for dairy farmers.

Uses/benefits of Sheep Milking Equipment:

1. Capacity: 33kgs.
2. Long time use and simple Maintenance.
3. Low milk resistance to flow.
4. Flask foot allows for rapid removal by operator and will stand on a flat surface.
5. With NO DISMANTLING is washed in place with rest of machine.
6. Has LOW VOLTAGE to milk flow, ensuring no reduction in milking rate.
7. Material: PSU, Corrosion resistant and heating, strong and transparent.
8. Measure TOTAL YIELD from each cow, goat in kg or Liter.

Features of Sheep Milking Equipment:

  • Advanced and reliable components
  • Easy to install
  • Reduced and easy maintenance
  • Wide range of available Milkline models
  • Data can be transferred to the herd management software
  • Suitable for large or small, pasture or stall rearing.
  • Entirely designed and produced by us.
  • High-quality and durable components Easy handling and cleaning.
  • Available for cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats.

Specification of Sheep Milking Equipment:

Installation MethodFixed Type
Error rate0.02%
Caliber(Out / Into)Φ20.3mm / Φ19mm

Prices of Sheep Milking Equipment:

$980.00 – $1,500.00

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