HEGA III (Scientific and Handy Equipment for Gintong Ani version III) is a state- of-the-art precision moisture meter for palay and corn.  This product is a result of more than five years of research and development of the Bureau of Post Harvest Research and Extension (BPRE).  It is made of advanced technology components and design features that made it superior to other brands in the market

Uses of Shega Iii Grain Moisture Meter

Shega Iii Grain Moisture Meter are used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. This information can be used to determine if the material is ready for use, unexpectedly wet or dry, or otherwise in need of further inspection. Wood and paper products are very sensitive to their moisture content

moisture meter is used to monitor the moisture content of grains as excessive moisture content leads to spoilage and poor grain quality while over dried grains result to weight loss.It can also count the number of palay grains, measure the grain length, and output of the grade of milled rice according to the specification of the National Grains Standard.


  • Microcontroller-Based Processor
  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • Instant Readout
  • Built-in Real Time Clock
  • Data Logging Function
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Self Calibrating
  • High Level Accuracy
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • Includes Test Loader
  • One-Touch Mode Selector
  • Engineering-Grade Dust-Proof Case
  • Sleek and Portable
  • Uses 4 “AA” Batteries (not included)

Prices of Shega Iii Grain Moisture Meter


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