Single Cow Milker

Single Cow Milker Homesteader’s Supply prides itself in providing you quality milking products including milking machines at great prices with the best old fashioned customer service.  The Complete Set up gives you a special discount for buying a package deal rather than individual items, and it means it comes complete with what you need to start milking right away.  Folks, don’t fall for those cheap $500 machines from China! We get calls from many that received them without motors or other parts, and others have machines that broke within week of purchase and they can’t replace the parts.  Call us for expert and kind assistance! 

Single Cow Milker milking machines are great for milking 1 to 2 animals simultaneously. Whether you are milking cows or goats, we have the milker for you. You can even get a set up to milk cows and goats or sheep at the same time!Cow Milker Station:with Vacuum vacuum Pump, 25 L SS, Milk Bucket, Pulsator, Claw, Teat-Cups/Liners, Hoses, and Hardware. NOTE: Milker with oilless pump systems available from the the same seller, search for milkersupply and model CMWP5 or CMPWP5 FEATURES: Complete milking station includes a 6 cfm single stage vacuum pump, milker bucket with vacuum gauge, vacuum regulator, adapters, and hoses. This can be used to milk cows one at a time. Single stage vacuum pump 1/2HP, 6 CFM, hand valve built in the intake port for isolation(upgrade to oil-free pump available add $100) Milker Bucket: SS bucket with lid and lid liner Pulsator Model P80(L80) Milk Claw with air and milk hose connection

Features of Single Cow Milker:

  • complete portable milker machi or station, unpack and put them together and the system will be ready for milking.
  • Pump: CFM 1/2HP rotary vane(upgrade to oilless available for $100), Tanks: 25 Liter SS with lida and liner: pulsator, L80, Claw:150CC
  • SS milk shells with rubber liners X4, for cow for milkersupply and model CMWP5 or CMPWP5
  • thick walled clear flex PVC tubing hoses, vacuum reculator and gauge included
  • replacement of Delavel Surge Milker alternative
  • According to the number of barrels used, Piston-typed Portable Cow Milking Machine Price can be divided into two categories, they are Single-barrel Type (DH-MM08) and Double-barrel Type (DH-MM02).
  • . With unique design, easy operation, easy maintenance and it can lower utility costs as well by milking soft with stable vacuum of our cow milking machine price.
  • This piston-typed portable cow milking machine price will not hurt the nipple, milk cup group is with a transparent tube, so the operator can observe the nipples of cows when milking.

Uses/benefits of Single Cow Milker:

Easy to manoeuvre
Robust construction means easy maintenance.
Large heavy duty wheels-easy to be moved around.
Few and robust parts-low service and maintenance.
It features unique design, easy operation, easy maintenance, stable vacuum stable, low noise, stable pulsating frequency, small vacuum fluctuations, and soft milking front and rear in turn for the protective effect so that can increase the yield. So, only one operator will be qualified for the machine operation and maintenance.
It is suitable for all kinds of dairy farms and individual households, with movable operation, being convenient and flexible, and without space constraints
It is composed of trolley frame, electric motor, vacuum pump,pulsator, milk tube, milking cup group, milk bucket ,surge tank, adjustor, vacuum meter are integrated in a car.
Increase your profitability
The portable milking machine enables you to milk 20-24 cows per hour. Therefore, hand milkers can triple their milking capacity and milk more cows within the same time. Reduced milking time means you can expand your herd size, which means more profit for you.
The mobility of milking machine is ideal for todays bucket milkers.


Operating vacuum degree0.04-0.05MPa
Pulsation times64 times per minute
cow no of milking per hour20-24 cows
Motor speed1440 rmp per minute
Milk bucket volume2pcx25L stainless steel bucket (or plastic type)
Milk cluster2 sets( Milk liner,milk claw, milk shell etc)
Warranty1 year for motor and vacuum pump
Free extra spare partsfalse nipple and short air tube

Prices of Single Cow Milker:

$400.00 – $1, 520.00

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