Single Row Planter

The 2BFS precision seeder can be used for corn and soybean sowing/fertilizing. It is used with a 6-18 hp walking tractor. No-tillage, sowing, and fertilizing can be completed at one time, and the work efficiency is high. The whole machine has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability, novel style, flexible operation, better adjustability, more functions, and wide range of use. It is widely used in plains, hills, large, medium and small plots. It is an advanced small planting machine in the world. The use of this machine not only reduces physical labor but also improves production efficiency, and is very popular among farmers

Uses/benefits of Single Row Planter:

1: Our corn (maize  )planter is mainly used for plant corn seeds , it is suitable for planting seeds in the plains and hills land .

2: We can make corn planter from 2 rows to 8 rows . 

3: It is precious seeder , every hole will plant one piece seed and can fertilize at the same time 

4: Row distance and line distance are both adjustable . 

5: We can make different  structure of corn planter which suitable for different land condition . If the land is not flat , can use our suspension type that will keep the sowing depth same 

Features of Single Row Planter:

1) Fine seeding, fertilization and ridge spraying at one time
2) with its own power seeder, suitable for large area of operation, can be sown on the ridge
3) small-seed intensive planting has a good effect
4) easy operation and dexterous turning
5) sowing wheel made of special materials can accurately seed and seed falling rate is 100%
6) moving rubber wheels are arranged on both sides to facilitate the movement of the seeder when it is not working
7) seeding model: seed wheel, free assembly, detachable increase and decrease the number of rows (group number)
8) different types of seeds can be sown by changing the sowing wheel

Specification of Single Row Planter:

Seeding rows 12
Planting distancemm180-340
Working depthmm40-100
Total weightkg3678
Seeding ratekg/mu3-5
Fertilizer ratekg/mu0-100
Working efficiencymu/h4-68-12

Prices of Single Row Planter:

$107.00 – $311.70

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