Manure Scraper attachments from Manitou feature a back-drag, which allows it to efficiently clean out corners and pull material away from walls – making it an essential tool in agricultural applications. While ideal for agricultural clean-up work, this versatile attachment, with its deeply angled design, gathers and holds materials making it suitable for other applications, such flood clean-up. Featuring reversible 1.5” (38 mm) thick x 10” (254 mm) high rubber compound edges, complemented by the one piece rubber which eliminates spillage, this is an excellent tool for clean-up in free-stall barns. 

Scrape that manure off the floor and out the door for a cleaner worksite and better foot grip in the barn, pen or stable. Check out the easy to use manure scraper attachments we offer for cleaning barn stalls without getting your hands they would without one.


  • Deep-angled design and one-piece lower rubber eliminates spillage.
  • 1 ½” x 10” reversible, replaceable rubber edges allow 6” of total wear.
  • Upper pull back cleans material in tight spaces.
  • Has been effectively used as a snow pusher for small skid steer loaders and compact tractors.
  • Manure scraper attachment features:Deeply angled design gathers and holds material
  • One piece rubber eliminates spillage
  • Pullback edge comes standard for cleaning corners and edges


Overall Width (Inches)72.884.896.8
Upper Rubber Width (Inches)
Overall Height (Inches)25.0
Depth: Overall / Inner (Inches)52.2 / 35.3
Approximate Weight (Pounds)670725785

Prices of Skid Steer Manure Scraper :

$3,000.00 – $3,800.00

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