This simple, efficient and well-balanced Electric Cream Separator will hold 8 liters (8 quarts) which makes it ideal for domestic or small farm use. The milk tank, separation bowl and disks are made out of stainless steel. The milk and cream spouts are made out of a food-grade poly.

The Separator will process 60 liters (15 gallons) per hour. Motor specifications: 9000 rpm. 1/8HP, 110/120 volts, 60 hz drawing .4 Amps. The unit is 10.5″ by 15″ by 20″ high. It is packed complete with parts list and wrench. Wt. 13.5 lbs. A cream separator is defined as a device that separates the whole milk into skimmed milk or cream. It is a centrifugal device and is commonly used on farms in the past years.

This device is beneficial, especially for farmers, to milk their cows manually. By that, you can have the advantage of storing your milk for a more extended period when you are in a hot weather condition. In this article, we will discuss and scrutinize these products, as to which is the best cream separator you should buy. We got you the top products, so you don’t have to worry about finding one anymore.


1)This machine is directly driven by the high speed motor, has the advantages of energy saving, durable and convenient repair.Use this machine the fat content in skim milk can be reduced to 0.02%-0.05%.
2)9ND50 vertical milk separator is disc type centrifugal separator, the milk is separated into two parts cream and skim milk by centrifugal force generated by high speed rotating. Important parts of the machine are made of high quality material, and after heat treatment, durable. All the milk and contact parts are stainless steel or tin material, has good corrosion resistance.


• Milk and whey cream skimming
• Clarification of milk and whey
• Bacteria removal from milk and whey
• Cream concentration
• Standardization of milk, cream and whey cream


Cream content≤ 0.05%
Volume rate range1: 4~1: 10
Best Speed8000-10000 r/min
Milk receiver capacity12L
Separated milk temperature35-40℃
Weight10 kg


$180.00 – $200.00

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