Small Feed Grinder Mixer

Small Feed Grinder Mixer Generally, There are two different designs of animal feed pellet mill machine, with two key differences. One design of feed pelletizer have a rotating die with a mounted roller shaft, and others have a mounted die with a rotating roller shaft. The second design is becoming more and more popular for larger fertilizer pelletizer. In general however due to their simple design and lighter weight, flat die pelletizer are normally used in small scale pellet production.

With the principle of circular motion, the template and the press wheel are treated with high quality alloy steel through special treatment. The spindle and the flat die are driven by the friction force to drive the roller to rotate. The material is gelatinized at high temperature between the pressure wheel and the template, the protein is solidified and denatured, and the particles are sent out of the machine by the press wheel. The incision can adjust the length of the particle.

Uses/benefits of Small Feed Grinder Mixer:

1. simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor area and low noise. 

2. powder feed, grass powder does not need or a little liquid addition can be granulated, so the water content of grain feed is basically the moisture content of the material before granulation, which is more conducive to storage.

3. dry processing, the production of feed particles with high hardness, smooth surface, and internal aging, can improve animal digestion and absorption of nutrients.

4. the formation process of feed particles can make the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grain and legumes degeneration, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill all kinds of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microbes, and reduce the diseases of all kinds of insect pests and digestive system.

Features of Small Feed Grinder Mixer:

1. Machine can drive by Motor,Diesel,Gasoline Engine.
2. Offering 220V and 380V,Accept Customized Voltage.
3. Simple and Automatic Operation.
4. Easy Maintainance.
5. It can be combined wheels, no limitation on the places.
6. It realizes the perfect combination on the chipping and crushing.
7. Hammer Mill can equipped with airlock, cyclone ,Offering customized design.

Specification Small Feed Grinder Mixer:

Small animal feed grinder/ Herb Grinder
Product name160 Sprocket Crusher280 Sprocket Crusher300 Sprocket Crusher
Milling Capacity15-250KG/H40-700KG/H50-800KG/H
Spindle speed2800r/min2800r/min2800r/min
Number of teeth9 pieces6 pieces6 pieces
Product size570*190*640mm780*250*900mm790*260*920mm
Sieve size44*580mm80*860mm96*960mm

Prices of Small Feed Grinder Mixer:

$699.00 – $2,100.00

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