Small Livestock Scale Livestock producers utilize Osborne’s innovative ACCU-ARM® Scales for easy, fast and accurate weighing of a variety of farm animals. Our “rock solid,” animal-friendly scales use precision levers to reduce sway and bounce and are completely cable-free. With Osborne’s Scales, the entire operation of weighing is more efficient and less stressful for both you and your livestock.

Our exclusive weigh-arm system is modular and can be center-mounted or moved to the side to permit complete access to livestock for medical treatments or ultrasound measurements. Scales are built for long service and dependable accuracy. With so many options to choose from, you can custom design a scale to meet your specific requirements.1.Modular,digital,standardized,serialized,multi-unit combination2.Automatic reset force transmission mechanism3.Match all kinds of instruments4.Display gross weight,net weight,tare weight5.Dynamic,underload and overload status display6.Digital filtering,automatic clearing7.Keyboard setting correction8.Car number,tare storage,itemized accumulation,total accumulation9.Data output,automatic printing

Features of Small Livestock Scale:

  • HUGE READ OUT SCREEN.Equipped with a 2″ long LED display with white backlight,the huge black numbers are visual over 10 meters.
  • ACCURATE&SENSITIVE.High quality loadcell ensures consistent and accurate measurement up to 660lb or 300kg with graduation increments of 0.2lb or 0.1kg(in accordance with OIML R76 standards).The reading almost adjusts instantly when load changes.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE.You don’t even bother to read the manual thanks to the simplicity of operation.Just hang the stuff to the hook,then read the numbers.It features Autozero,Zero,Tare,Hold,Auto power-off,Battery supervision,Overload alarm and Unit switch functions.
  • GREAT SAFETY.Load receptor,shackle and hook are all made of quality stainless steel,which makes the scale very sturdy and durable.The load-carrying structure will never fail.
  • PORTABLE&MULTIPURPOSE.With it’s handheld size and less than 2 pounds weight,you can carry it almost anywhere to use.You can use it in farming,hunting,fishing,workshop,household and a lot more.

Uses/benefits of Small Livestock Scale:

  • Exclusive cable-free weigh arms eliminate excessive sway and movement so animals remain calm for fast and accurate weighing
  • Anti-sway bars allow the weigh basket to move freely to promote accurate weighing
  • Firm floor and easy access encourage animals to enter and exit the scale quickly
  • Multiple options for customization, like a wheel kit, make moving scales from pen-to-pen easy
  • Accurate digital meter or mechanical dial available

Specification of Small Livestock Scale:

Table sizeResolationCapacity  ModelRough weightHigh scale Units /per month






Prices of Small Livestock Scale:

$79.89 – $895.00

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