The equipment to be used in a small scale poultry processing plant in the tropics must be strong and effective enough to last for at least 5 years. Replacement is often difficult (usually through lack of funds) so it should be obtained with a view to longevity easy maintenance and repair. The equipment must be maintained to a schedule, which should be established before installation and based on the manufacturers information. In the tropics, it will almost certainly be used on birds of different sizes and weights, if not different species from that chosen for the original project, so equipment should be selected with a view to adaptability as far as possible. The equipment must conform to local standards of construction and safety. It should have proper safety guards, maintained in full working order.

The equipment must be designed to be cleaned properly after use. It must have smooth surfaces, clean welds, an absence of bolts and irregular protuberances, made preferably in stainless steel or at least galvanised steel which has been hot – dipped after manufacture. The use of paint and mild steel is not recommended as it will easily flake in the atmosphere and contaminate the carcases.


1)Customized Design Service of Slaughtering Processing Flow
2) Manufacturing and Sales of Slaughtering Equipment
3) Installation and Commissioning of Slaughtering Processing Line
4)Operation and Maintenance Training of Slaughtering Processing Line
5)upplying and OEM Service of Slaughtering Equipment Accessories
6) Management and Operations Consulting of Slaughtering Plant


EquipmentChicken duck slaughtering machine


$60.00 – $1,200.00

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