Small Seed Planters For Tractors

Small Seed Planters For Tractors small grain of precision seeder is used in rapeseed, sesame seeds and other small particles of precision seeder. Its metering device for precision metering device, to the little seed metering precision, seed damage rate is extremely low. Each seed box 2L capacity, the production efficiency of six to eight mu/hour. Except sowing rapeseed and rapeseed grain size of vegetables, millet, sesame, alfalfa seeds, onion, tomatoes, peppers, also can use this machine. Precise seeder unit of this machine has 12 adjust gear in the seeding amout, adjust the seeder unit before put into the seeds, observ in the seeding box,make the sowing amout .When you adjust the sowing amount,the holes in per seeder unit should be the same.。

Uses/benefits of Small Seed Planters For Tractors:

1: Our pneumatic planter can plant different seeds like  corn/maize seeds , soybean seeds , bean seeds , cotton seeds ,sorghum seeds, onion seeds , sugar beet seeds and so on ,you just need to change the seeding plate is ok .

2:  High speed planting (4-8 km/h ) that can increase work efficiency , suitable for large farm use .

3: The machine have seeding and fertilize monitor system which you can find the problem the first time in the driving room . also you can check how many pieces seeds planting in one hectare land .

4: All the seeds in same planting depth ,  average seeds quantity in every hole to realize precise seeding  ,  saving seeds and cost .

5: The fertilize amount is adjustable . 

Features of Small Seed Planters For Tractors:

1.Easy to trenching :Circular shape trenching ,manganese steel material There is good resistance and elasticity to the stones , the problem of easy folding of stones in traditional plow is solved.
2.Perfect pipeline:Fertilizer pipeline used metal spring tube replaces the traditional plastic tube, preventing corrosion, aging and bumping.
3.Perfect seed box:increase seed box size and stainless steel materials replace traditional plastic materials,it will solve the problem of the aging of the box in high temperature and high UV working environmen
4.Easy to observe:Design of box window is easy to observe seeds leavings.
5. Suitable for large plot planting:two lines are 910mm, and the four-row spacing is increased to 760mm,Suitable for large plot planting
6.Nice design:Fertilizer box has hydraulic lever switch design to improve product quality.
7.All in one machine:By replacing the seed plate,it can use for Corn, soybean, sorghum, green beans, peanuts and other crops

Specification of Small Seed Planters For Tractors:

Model2BYF-4Matched power(kw)22-37
Overall dimensions

1500*2300*1100Transmission typechain transmission and  gear drive
Row distance(mm)50-60Working width(cm)200-240

Prices of Small Seed Planters For Tractors:


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