Small Sized Defeathering Machine, is used for automatic depilation of poultry after slaughtered chickens, ducks, geese, cats, dogs, sheep, and rabbits. It can shed feathers, fine hairs, paws and their skin dirt at one time. Its working principle The working principle is the same as the peeling machine used for peeling ginger skin, potato peeling, fish scales and other agricultural products. It frees people from dirty and tired manual labor and greatly improves work efficiency.


Speed:In general, 1-7 chickens and ducks of 1-2 kg can be processed per minute, and 180-200 poultry can be removed at one kilowatt-hour, which is economical and the speed is more than ten times that of manual plucking. blanch the slaughtered poultry evenly with hot water at 65℃-80℃. Then turn on the machine and put it in the barrel. For about ten seconds, turn on the faucet to make Mao rush out. It can be taken out in a short time, and chicken feathers usually take only half a minute to remove.


1. This machine is a small poultry plucking machine. Very suitable for small workshop.
2. It is mainly used for chincken, duck, goose, pigeon, turkey, quails, rabbit and etc. 4. Heating system is customized accordingly. Electrical heating or gas heaitng for your flexible choice.
5. Food grade stainless steel is used. The thickness of the tank is 2mm. If you want to reduce your cost, we can also customize Galvanized steel material.
6. Through motor driving, the spiral rubber roller turns inside the scalder tank, making poultry scalding more evenly, and greatly reduce labor and cost.


VoltagePowerProcessing capacityDimensions(Height*width*diameter)Material
SL-60220v1500w5-7 chickens/time900*650*600mm201 stainless steel
SL-80220/380v3000w8-10 chickens/time1100*900*800mm201 stainless steel


$920.00 – $1,100.00

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