A soft hose travelling irrigator is operated by unwinding the entire length of hose off the reel and laying it out flat. the end of the hose is connected to a hydrant positioned in the center of the field. The cart is then moved manually away from the hydrant in each direction to irrigate.


The use of Soft Hose Travelling Irrigators is about providing the right amount of water to the right area, at the right time, with the highest efficiency in order to bring the most out of your land


  • Heavy duty design
  • Fully hot dip galvanised frame and hose reel
  • Travel shut-off mechanism
  • High efficient turbine: Depending on the water volume and pressure the turbine nozzle can be easily changed without tools.Delivers high torque at low RPMs even near end of run.
  • 3-speed Italian made gear box: By adjusting the most efficient turbine rotation and speed, you can save energy.
  • Sensitive speed control: Extremely wide range of speed for any crop and application.
  • Manual brake system
  • PTO driven integrated hose reel
  • PTO driven PURGE pump allows you to easily empty the hose before rewinding the hose
  • Portable: The DuCaR IrriCruiser is ideal for irrigating widely scattered areas. They can be towed from field to field or farm to farm.
  • Excellent Water Uniformity: The continuous movement of the sprinkler and traveller irrigator provides a perfect uniformity and even water distribution.
  • Long Life & Simple Maintenance:The units are built from long life components and require a minimum of maintenance. Spare parts and backup service available.
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Very low labour requirement: The DuCaR IrriCruiser can easily be operated by one man and the labour consists mostly of driving a tractor.
  • Sensitive wheel system
  • Comes with 3.5″, 200m Premium Quality German Made Drag Hose
  • Designed in Australia, made in Turkey


 Speed controller computer. Controls speed through run
 Electronic Speed counter. Gives an accurate travel speed of Irrigator
 In Line Filter. Stops any large material that won’t pass through the sprinklers
 Remote Slew from Irrigator. 1000 & 2000 slews boom from Irrigator
 Remote Slew from tractor. 350 & 550 slews boom from Tractor
 Water Supply Shutdown. Stops water flow to boom
 Pressure Sustaining Valve. Maintains pre set pressure to Irrigator
 Flow Control Valve. Maintains pre set flow to Irrigator
 Auto Boom Flush. First flush of boom
 Tower Extension. For higher crops
 Sprinkler Upgrades. Nutators, Spinners, Trash busters, I-Wob sprinklers available  End Guns. For extra width or uneven fields and corners.
 Flexible Sprinkler Drops. To lower sprinklers.
 Turf Tyre Upgrade. Wider and smoother for no tracks.
 Brake kit.

Prices of Soft Hose Travelling Irrigators

  • RI 30OP – Travelling Irrigators – Water Winch$18,551.00 – $21,951.00
  • RI 350P – Travelling Irrigators – Water Winch$24,218.00
  • RI 350T – Travelling Irrigators – Turbo Winch$32,866.00
  • $37,242.00

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