Somerzby have an exciting range of coops, cages and pens in models and sizes to meet the needs of you and your chickens. All our high quality chicken coops exhibit the same exacting standards that you have come to expect from Somerzby products. The Somerzby Mansion comes in 2 colour combinations and is suitable for up to 6 chickens*. It is made of rot resistant Fir wood and uses a non toxic water based stain which is safe for your chickens. The entire side opens and metal tray slides out for easy cleaning. The wire mesh protects your birds from pests and feral animals whilst allowing air flow and sunshine into the coop.

We recommend that you lay concrete pavers to rest your chicken coop on, as they will give added protection from ground moisture and ensure the long life of your backyard coop. Chickens will often share the nest box and all lay in the same place, one nest box for each chook is not needed.


A chicken coop gives your birds an extra level of security from any predators that come snooping in the night. An elevated coop will keep your flock off the ground and make it harder for snakes and smaller predators to get inside.


  • External dimensions: L2250mm x H1430mm x W940mm
  • Ground dimensions (footprint): L1890mm x W830mm
  • Available in charcoal or blue with white trim
  • Water based non toxic stain
  • Rot resistant Fir wood
  • Water proof grey asphalt roof
  • Galvanised wire mesh
  • Metal pull out tray for easy cleaning
  • Ramp to run
  • 2 perches
  • Door to sleeping area with external open and close metal rod
  • Wire and fly screen in little window and door for good ventilation
  • Nesting box: W800mm x H380mm x D330mm approx.
  • Door opening at top of ramp: W270mm x H270mm approx.
  • *Suitable for up to 6 chickens if you let them out for daily runs
  • Comes flat-packed and requires assembly
  • Maintenance: Oil door hinges if required and clean regularly


1120cm x 97.7cm x 13.5cm24kg
2143cm x 81cm x 12.8cm18kg


$299.00 – $390.00

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