Soybean Dehulling Machine

The machine used in our factory developed a special disc for peeling, according to the size of beans, can reasonably adjust the gap and extend the life of the disc, peeling effect ideal. At the same time the use of wind combined to separate the skins, not only reduces the crushing rate, improve the quality of finished products, but also reduce the powder flying, improve the working environment.  So the soybean dehulling machine for sale is a perfect choice Each bean has different nature, property, and hardness, so they need different technology and machines to remove or separate skins or covers.
After more than 10 years development, we have really nice bean peeling machines. These machines are designed to peel by dry way, no need water. Peel clean, low loss, save energy, high percentage of extraction rate.

This machine is specially designed and developed for high grade market of cereal grains according to domestic and oversea market. It adopts our unique patent peeling machine, bran and bean kernel are separated completely. It has excellent working performance, and does have special requirement for workshop. It is in compact structure, fully automatic, small space occupying and energy saving and high efficient, easy to operate. Main machine parts are quenched, anti fatigue treatment, strong and reliable. It can keep working long time (for one month it can keep working nonstop.). Machine body is powder coated and made in thick steel plate, clean, hygiene, reliable.  It is so far the best beans peeling machine in China with lowest power consumption, smallest space occupying, highest level of automation, best output quality. It is applicable to food processing factories, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Uses/benefits of Soybean Dehulling Machine

  • Easy disassembly, compact structure.
  • Wide application. Used to peel soybeans, black beans, broad bean, mung beans and so on.
  • Use high-speed rotating silicon carbide blades to continuously cut and rub the bean skin. High efficiency.
  • During peeling, it splits soybean into two kernels at the same time.
  • Not damage the adhesive strength of the bean protein and the bean sprouts.
  • The dry soybean peeler machine utilizes combined air flower to separate the hulls and seeds in order to reduce the crushing rate and increase the peeled quality, meanwhile it also avoid the dust pollution, improve the working surroundings.
  • Wide application scope. The soybean skin removing machine can be used to remove the skin of various beans such as broad bean, soybean, pea, black grams etc.
  • With peeling, separation of two functions, high peeling rate, reliable quality.
  • Compact structure, energy efficient, easy to operate.
  • Simple structure, easy to maintain, high efficiency.

Features of Soybean Dehulling Machine

  • Because beans usually contain hard materials such as small stones, the grinding wheel is easy to be damaged in the process of processing. Before processing, it must be removed with a sieve or manually.
  • During the use process of soybean dehulling machine, the abrasion of the grinding wheel will make the surface of the grinding wheel uneven, which will increase the crushing rate of beans and reduce the yield. If the above situation occurs, please use the diamond grinding wheel to process the mold to ensure that the surface of the mold is smooth.
  • When installing the grinding wheel, pay attention to the distance between the upper and lower grinding plates.
  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Fine finish
  • High tensile strength


NameGrain peeling machine
Production   capacity500kg/hour
Motor power15kw, 3p
Peeling   performanceapprox. 95%
Peeling waydry way, no need   water
UsageLentil, mung, barley,   wheat, black eye bean, chickpeas, yellow peas, soyabean etc.
Usage scopeMedium sized food   processing plant
Overall size 2.2×1.9×2.1m
Main machine   size1.4×1.1×1.9m
Quality   assurance1.4×1.1×1.9m
CertificationCE, ISO9001, SGS
Net weight560kg

Prices of Soybean Dehulling Machine


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