The Soybean Moisture Tester measures the moisture content in Soybean sample within seconds to decide its quality for the purpose of purchase & packaging. The can confirm that fully summer dry sample will have the moisture approximately 7.5%

This % Moisture Content again depends on the temperature & humidity conditions in that area.


One reason why grain producers use specialized moisture meters for grain is that getting a reliable reading of the moisture content of grain can be done much faster with a moisture meter than with traditional testing methods.


Measuring range: 5% -30% moisture, temperature -10 C-60 CMaximum error: Moisture ± (1% Rh + 0.5), temperature ± 2.5C (± 5oF)Resolution: 0.5% moisture, temperature 0-85% RhOperating environment: temperature 0 C-40 C / Humidity 0.1-85% Rh8 Grain mode: Paddy, Wheat, Barley, Fodder, Corn, Rapeseed, Soybean, Rice. LCD back light:Low battery indication:Grain moisture standard setting and excessive moisture Tip:Back light control function:Celsius, Fahrenheit temperature unit conversion:Battery hold function:Auto power off function: 5 minutes without any operation automatic shutdownData hold function


Measuring timeless than 10 seconds
Measuring range3~40%
Measuring errorless than +/- 0.5%
Repetitive errorless than 0.2%
Environmental temperature0-40°C
Power supply1 x 9V Battery (6F22) (without battery)
Weight35.3oz / 1KG
Size7.08 x 7.08 x 4.72in / 18 x 18 x 12cm

Prices of Soybean Moisture Tester

$299.60- $330.91

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