Speeco Quick Hitch Cat 1

Speeco Quick Hitch Cat 1 Make attaching any piece of 3 point equipment a breeze with this category 1 quick hitch from SpeeCo. This quick hitch comes complete with hardware and the tapered top hitch point makes hook up easy. Constructed of high strength steel tubing, this recommended for tractors with horse power up to 50. SpeeCo’s quick hitch can help you save time connecting to your 3-point equipment. This category 1 quick hitch is manufactured with high strength tubing for greater torsional loading. This quick hitch comes assembled with mounting pins and bushings included.

This quick hitch doesn’t require bushings for your attachments!  The John Deere iMatch and all others require you to buy and install a $40+ set of bushings on each 3 point attachment.  You can completely avoid that expense with this quick hitch.  The lower two hook are sized to be a direct fit to a Category 1 pin size! This Category 1 E-Hitch fits most Category 1 tractors and is for use with Category 1 equipment. Includes pins; Maximum Horse Power 50 HP.If hooking up a bushing style quick hitch to a Clevis type hitch attachment, the large ends must be cut off of the bushings,for proper spacing and fit… Save time by installing a quick hitch adapter on your tractor, change implements in seconds. Includes quick hitch, a set of bushings and an adapter.

Uses/benefits of Speeco Quick Hitch Cat 1

  • Currently available in red.
  • Lower Link to Upper Link: 14.5″ to 17.5″ (adjustable)
  • Inside to Inside of Lower Links: 27.25″
  • Outside to Outside of Lower Links: 29.50″
  • Weight: 70lbs
  • Lots of adjustability between lower links and top links to fit a wide variation of attachments.
  • Bonus!  Both lower pins included, but top pin NOT INCLUDED.  Uses a top pin like any other 3 point attachment.

Features of Speeco Quick Hitch Cat 1

  • SpeeCo Category 1 Quick Hitch
  • Fits most Category 1 tractors
  • 2,000 lbs maximum lift capacity at 24″ back from cat. 1 implement
  • Makes attaching to cat 1 equipment easier
  • Construction: high strength steel
  • Adjustable top link ball brackets
  • Includes 7/8 in. dichromate mounting pins and adapter bushings
  • Spring loaded locking device
  • Cam operated latch with rubber grips
  • Maximum HP: 50
  • Color: black


AvailabilityBuy In Store
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Model NumberS14110100
Model NumberS14110100
Size27-1/4 in. width
Spec Weight76 Lbs.

Prices of Speeco Quick Hitch Cat 1

$241.89 – $539.99

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